Steve Lowery joined the Royal Corp of Signals almost straight from school. Originally only signing up for 3 years, he soon found himself on open engagement with the years passing by. He deployed on numerous Operations including the 1st Gulf war, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland & Afghanistan. He has been decorated with an accumulative service medal and a Long Service good conduct medal. He will soon be leaving after 22 years service and has said:

“I am happy to be leaving the service because I believe I am still young enough, at 40, to carry out the things I’ve missed out on whilst serving (like starting my own business).”

Steve has been married throughout his long Army career to his wife Sue. They have been together since school and they have 3 children.

Ex-Mil Recruitment Newsletter: “What obstacles/difficulties do you envisage when you leave The Armed Forces?”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: “The only obstacle I have envisaged when leaving is fitting into the lifestyle of a civilian, however I have been practicing this for the last few years, so hopefully it will fall into place.”

E R N:“What choices did you have on leaving The Armed Forces (e.g. get a job, run a business, retire, travel etc.)?”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: “I knew that the main choices I was going to have to make when I left was going to be:

  • Where was I going to settle with my family and was I going to be able to afford a house? (This however was easier than expected as I had saved for years before).
  • If I was wanting to start my own business, what was it going to be?

E R N: “What factors played a part in you choosing to run your own business on leaving?”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: My wife and I always knew we would have to have our own business due to the fact that my youngest son is severally dyslexic and we knew he would have problems in finding employment. This way we knew that there was always a job for him if he couldn’t find employment. Plus I said to myself that I didn’t ever want to work for anyone again.

E R N:“What skills do you think will transfer from The Armed Forces to your business?”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: I believe that the main skill that I will be able to transfer into my business will be the ability to adapt and overcome any problem that my wife and I face. The discipline of carrying out each job to a high professional standard, honesty, hard working and also knowing that failure of the business is not an option. I’ve learnt through my career that if things look to be failing then you try harder and keep going till it doesn’t fail

E R N:“What advice would you give to others who are leaving The Armed Forces?”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: My advice to others leaving would be not to leave things too late. Always start your preparations as soon as you can (resettlement, job search etc) You have to think of number 1 to an extent because no-one else will.

E R N:“Tell us about your business and the future.”

Sgt. Steve Lowery: My Business is a small ice cream parlour in Gloucester city centre. Its only small because we are new to this sort of thing and we didn’t want to throw ourselves in too deep and risk financial consequences. However, our ambitions and plans are big. We took on a lease for 3 years and expect to move to bigger premises after that. We currently buy our ice cream from a well know local company but intend on making our own in the near future and become a distributor ourselves. Then franchise will be the next step. We want ‘Lowery’s’ to become the biggest and best ice cream parlour not just within the UK but also a well know name around Europe.

E R N:What will you miss most when you leave The Armed Forces?

Sgt. Steve Lowery: The only thing I will miss about leaving the service is some of the good friends my wife and I have made during our time, but we do intend keeping in touch with them anyway. Apart from that everything I need is within my family.

E R N:What are you most looking forward to, once you have left The Armed Forces?

Sgt. Steve Lowery: I mostly look forward to being my own boss. A stable life knowing that If I need to go away it’s because I’ve chosen to not someone else telling me to.

Well thanks, Steve, for answering those question — we wish you the best of luck with your new venture in civvie street.