Bob Dyson answers the second of 5 most frequent questions on employment that have been asked by resettlement MBA enquirers:

How much can an MBA graduate expect to earn?

The average current earnings (salary and bonus) for MBA graduates in the 2011 surveys was just over £90K per annum.

Ex-military MBA graduates can be found working all over the world but current exchange rates have been used in this calculation.

For those employed in the UK, data returned by larger employers shows that the average salary paid to MBA graduates was £62K per year.

87% of MBA graduates found work within 3 months of getting their qualification. Whilst this is lower than the percentage in 2010, demand is holding up well during the recession. Multi-national companies in particular are continuing to recruit for leadership succession.

(Bob Dyson is a contact for MBA Security Management, which is accredited by the University of Wales and run at Kensington College of Business in central London. This 1-year MBA is particularly suitable for Servicemen and women who have held rank).

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