Regular Readers will know we like to keep you up to date with the exploits former Para and RAF reservist gunner of Paddy Doyle.

He achieved four more World Strength Fitness Records on 30th December:

  • 20 back of hands push ups carrying 100lb back pack in the fastest time = 32.56 seconds
  • Reverse Abdominal plank exercise carrying 100lb. back pack. = 2 mins. 56 seconds. beating the previous Guinness World Record by 30 seconds.
  • 32 strict squats carrying 100lb back pack plus two 25kg dumb bells and back pack weighing in 2 minutes. {total weight 212lb}
  • 38 strict squats carrying 100lb back pack in 1 minute.

This takes him closer to his goal of becoming the first endurance athlete to achieve 300 strength speed stamina records in five different sporting catergories in a career.

He now holds 173 fitness endurance records and his career total strength speed stamina records/titles lies at 273.

Doyle commented

"Its been a very hard three weeks achieving twelve World Record. It has pushed me mentally but has not broken me, the training has been hard training in the outdoors in the rain, but that is when you should train and not look for excuses"

He added

"I am on track and nearing my goal to achieve the 300, my training partners are also pushing me trying to knock lumps out of me in the ring"