Paddy Doyle, who we usually here about when he’s breaking records, has put his hard earned knowledge and experience together to develop a new qualification in self defence and protection.

The award, accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ) is titled the ‘IQ Level 2 Organisation Award in Personal Self Defence Protection’. It includes knowledge based content on self defence and the law, an understanding of conflict management, as well as practical self defence skills.

Paddy wrote the original course on which the qualification is based. It is delivered to learners of all ages, from youngsters, private individuals to employees working in higher risk customer facing environments and in settings as diverse as schools and colleges, to women's groups and staff working in the social or probation services.

Paddy commented

"What makes this IQ Level 2 qualification different is that the teaching is based on genuine experience. I have been in threatening situations, working as a security operative, dealing with aggressive behaviour and I have had to defend myself on the streets. I have had many years competing in boxing and martial arts so I can also pass on my knowledge to others."

The course can be tailored for all age groups and for the private and public sector.

Head of Business Development of Industry Qualifications, Sallyann Baldry said:

"Paddy has a passion, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge, for his subject. His ability to motivate and engage with his students is truly remarkable."

If you want to find out more contact Paddy Doyle on [email protected].