It seems Paddy Doyle, former member of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, is determined to feature in our newsletter more and more often. Here we have the latest batch of fitness records to take a tumble.

Seven more strength speed stamina records bit the dust. Paddy Doyle not only pushed himself to the wall but went through it, still carrying ongoing injuries for the last four months the former amateur boxer and full contact martial arts instructor had to raise his game especially due to the weather conditions, the results are as follows.

  • Speed march run carrying 110lb back pack around the measured football pitch. Time 2 mins . 01 secs. Weather conditions snow, windy and water logged ground.
  • Speed march run carrying 110lb back pack, distance 100 metres. 34.03 secs.
  • Most strict standing squats in 3 mins carrying 110lb back pack. Total 97. Rules stipulate that the upper torso must be parallel with the knees on every repetition.
  • Most squat jumps in 1 min carrying 110lb back pack. Total 19. Rules stipulate that each knee must touch the mat on every repetition before standing up.
  • Most Para Jumps {burpees} in 1 min carrying 110lb back pack. Total 12.
  • Twenty 1 arm push ups in the fastest time carrying 110lb back pack. Time 1 min. 39 secs.
  • Most squat thrusts in 1 min carrying 110lb back pack. Total 23.

“The speed march run was very challenging due to the snow, strong winds and water logged ground, once again my hamstring and rotator cuff muscle were being stretched I could feel them about to snap, I am looking forward to reaching the 300 milestone and will rest my body and mind for some time.”

Total career fitness endurance records is now 293, which Doyle officially holds 190 strength speed stamina titles under five different sporting categories.