If you are a regular reader of our newsletter, you’ll know that Paddy Doyle’s camp has been keeping us up-to-date with his efforts to attain a career 300 speed/strength/stamina records. Well, he’s taken another step closer to that goal:

Another stunning world record win for former boxer and paratrooper Paddy Doyle.

Showing real determination, Doyle showed that he could still beat his arch rivals. His aim was to beat Pakistan’s martial arts champion and 4 times world record holder Ahmad Amin Bodla who set the record two weeks ago in Lahore for the most full contact punch strikes in 1 minute carrying 40lb back pack and 2lb wrist weights on each wrist, he achieved 337 full contact punch strikes. Paddy not only beat it but put it out of reach achieving 420 full contact punch strikes carrying a 40lb back pack and two wrist weights.

Doyle has now only three more agonising record challenges to go to reach is 300th strength speed stamina record.

Paddy has now achieved a career 297 National, British, European World Records and currently hold 195 record & Titles.

Nice one, Paddy. Nearly there!