Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with former member of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, Paddy Doyle, and his attempt to hold as many strength/speed/stamina records as he can. We’ve received another update from his team and, as always, it’s another set of world records that have tumbled:

Paddy Doyle had to focus hard and dig deep at Stamina’s Gym to push his tally of strength speed stamina records to a career 308.

Doyle beat the current Guinness World Record of the most strength fitness star jumps in 1 minute whilst carrying a 100lb back pack, completing 33. For this exercise the rules stipulate that you must squat to the ground touch the floor with both hands then jump up from the ground with your hands locked above your head.

He then attempted another Guinness World Record for the most strength jumping jacks in the same time carrying 100lb pack completing 53 repetitions.

Doyle said

"These exercises are especially hard carrying the extra weight and put pressure on your lower back and ankles but being consistent with my training and having mentally tough training partners who push me hard in the ring and on the matt helps me 100%".

Currently holding 207 fitness endurance boxing martial arts titles the former Para and boxer said "I am aiming to continue as long as I can, especially as my injuries have cleared up, a big thank you to Matthew Petrie {MMA fighter} and the team for their support." 

Well done again Paddy!

Paddy Doyle doing his Jumping Jacks to break yet another World Record.

Paddy Doyle doing his Jumping Jacks to break yet another World Record.