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Happy New Year everybody – you’ll be pleased to hear that the Doomsday Clock, supposed to represent how close we are to total self destruction, hasn’t moved on this year. It crept one minute closer to midnight this time last year, so things are looking up for 2014 🙂 Hope you enjoy our newsletter.

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Recent Vacancies

R&D Engineer (Tubes Division) (025ne) Middlesex Negotiable

Electronics Maintenance Engineer (024ne) Middlesex Negotiable

Senior Product Development Engineer (023ne) Middlesex Negotiable

Building Services Manager – Plant (022ne) Middlesex £ Negotiable

Senior Power Supply Design Engineer (021ne) Middlesex Negotiable

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (020ne) Middlesex Negotiable

Divisional HSS Manager (019jc) Riyadh Excellent Package

Business Development Manager (018rf) St Asaph £45,000 – £55,000

PROJECT Infra IT administrators (017jc) Qatar between €4,500 – 6,000 pm

PROJECT Helpdesk Operator (016jc) Qatar between €4,500 – 6,000 pm

PROJECT Communication Administrator (015jc) Qatar between €4, 500 – 6,000 pm

PROJECT Cipher/Security Administrator (014jc) Qatar between €4,500 – 6,000 pm

Project Backup and Restore Sys Admin (013jc) Qatar between €4,500 – 6,000 pm

Stores Supervisor (008jc) Aylesbury circa £15-18k

Bid Manager (Network Delivery) (007jc) Saudi Arabia Excellent Package

Bid Manager (006jc) Faisaliah Tower, Riyadh Excellent Package

Bid Manager (TI) (005jc) Faisaliah Tower, Riyadh Excellent Package

System Design Engineer – IP Networks (004jc) Saudi Arabia Excellent Expat Package

Systems Design Engineer – Radio (003jc) Saudi Arabia Excellent Expat Package

Training Course Designer (002jc) Saudi Arabia Excellent Expat Package

Foundation Technical Instructor (001jc) Saudi Arabia Excellent Package

Senior Project Engineer (231jc) Middlesex Negotiable

News Round–up

Basra invites British back for security role

4 US Air Force crew members killed after US military helicopter crashes in UK

MoD tightens security at American spy bases linked to drone strikes

Eight Ministry of Defence chiefs claim £433k expenses as they plan to sack troops

Secret papers reveal Thatcher considered using military to quell 1980s miners strike

Final Type 45 Destroyer Enters UK Royal Navy Service

£51million MOD investment will bring 346 homes for soldiers to Stafford’s Beacon Barracks

Military-style discipline to raise standards in state schools

These Photos Show Why Britain’s Small Military Is So Powerful

Canada’s former defense minister: aliens will give us tech if we quit wars

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Events etc.

Here we like to include things for you to visit, attend, donate to or get involved in, should you choose to.

BFRS Career Event — Oakham — 6 February 2014 — Greetham Valley Golf and Conference Centre, Wood Lane, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7SN

Autonomous Military Technologies — 24-25 February 2014 — Chatham House, 10 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4LE

European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA Security — 10-11 March 2014, London, United Kingdom

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The Two Worlds of Charlie F

We’ve been asked to give this a plug – it comes highly recommended, as you can see!

“I am Lance Corporal Charlie Fowler. I lost a limb serving my country in Afghanistan. You may have seen our story on the BBC 1 Documentary Theatre of War. We used theatre as part of our recovery process which resulted in the creation of this award-winning play. Having sold out in London — playing to critical and celebrity acclaim — due to popular demand, we are now taking our play on a major UK and International Tour. We are the ‘Regiment of the Wounded’.”

Winner of the 2012 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award, ‘The Two Worlds of Charlie F’ is performed by serving and veteran soldiers, and explores the effects of injury and its impact on others, before, during and after.

A darkly comic, authentic and uplifting tale of survival.

“Very, very funny, very, very touching. I think everyone should see it” — Joanna Lumley

“The most moving show I’ve seen for a long long time” — Ray Winston

“Theatre at it’s most direct, vital and moving. Inspirational stuff” — Michael Sheen

***** The Daily Telegraph “Powerfully Affecting”

**** The Independent “An Evening of rare, raw power”

**** The Times “Affecting, Illuminating and amusing”

A £10 ticket is available to all military and ex–military personnel and their families. Just ring the venue box office and say you are military or ex–military.

See the flyer on our blog for more details.

Have you seen this in London? Let us know what you thought of it on our blog.

Online MBA for Security Management

In the next few newsletters, Bob Dyson answers 5 frequently asked questions on the university MBA

This week:

2. Is there an age limit for the MBA?

There is no age limit for the Anglia Ruskin University MBA.

Although our advisory panel is set up to provide career opportunity advice to MBA applicants, we realise that there are different reasons for getting a university, post-graduate degree.

Long service leavers may just want to prove that they can achieve this level of qualification.

Some candidates are looking at voluntary or charitable work, where the application of business principles is much needed.

Due to their military experience, most Services personnel can relate to the strategy modules that form a major part of this MBA and they usually find the comparison interesting.

It is generally accepted in recruitment that the longer your Service record, the more non-military achievements you need to prove.

Long service enquirers are encouraged to request a free sample and assess suitability for themselves.

(Anglia Ruskin University qualify this online MBA. It is particularly suitable for Servicemen and women who have held rank).

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Circus Ad

Two young people turn up at the circus in answer to an ad for a Lion Tamer – One is a great looking guy and the other is a gorgeous girl – both in their mid-twenties.

“OK, this is one hell of a ferocious lion. He ate my last tamer so you better be good or you’re cat food.” said the circus owner.

He pointed to their equipment – a chair, a whip, and a gun.

“Who wants to go first?”

“I’ll go first.” says the girl. She ignores the chair, the whip and the gun, and walks straight into the lion’s cage. The lion starts to snarl, and then begins to charge her. She throws open her coat revealing her beautiful naked body.

The lion stops dead in his tracks. Then he crawls up to her and starts licking her ankles. He continues to lick up to her calves, and then rests his head at her feet.

The circus owner is flabberghasted!.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

He then turns to the young man and says, “Do you think you can do better?”

“No problem,” says the young man,

“just get that lion out of the way.”

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