Forces Support was set up in honour of all our brave men and women who have been killed in action in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, or while serving during this time, with the intention of Honouring our Fallen Heroes with our pledge not to forget their families.

We provide general maintenance around the home and garden; work the lost family member would have done for his or her family. Or the jobs that have built up while a family grieves.

Watch this short clip to see the difference our support made to the family of Lee Rigby who, you’ll remember, was tragically murdered in our streets just over a year ago.

We are the only UK charity providing this type of support

We have just 2 professional builders and 2 maintenance men, a CEO and an admin assistant and we have provided national support throughout England, Scotland and Wales for approximately two years, supporting almost 100 families.

As word of our work has spread from the families we have helped, we have been swamped with applications and have over 50 families waiting for our support. Our waiting list is now 6–7 months long.

We desperately need financial support to expand our staff and support teams.

A one off donation allows us to help a family today, and that's great, please make a donation using our form.

Or donate online at

But…as little as £4 a month can help us make a huge difference to the families we help.

If you want to help us to support more families tomorrow, next week, next month and in the years to come, please make a regular gift to us.

Thank you on behalf of all the families who we help