Regular readers will know that, every now and again, former paratrooper, and multiple world record holder, Paddy Doyle, keeps us updated on his on his quest to break, well, nearly every endurance record, ever. Here we have the latest news from his team:

Paddy Doyle - The Records tumble

Paddy Doyle – The Records tumble

Part I

Although mentally tired and injured from six months of challenging hard competitive cross country feats. Former Paratrooper and Royal British legion member Paddy Doyle once again increased his career World Record titles by an extra five, speed marching over hilly inclines, muddy bridle paths and climbing over stiles.

The first to fall was the:

1 km speed march carrying 40 lb back pack: 9 mins: 33 secs.

After reaching the first check point he then focused on the 5 mile cross country speed march completing it in a time of 1 hr: 1 min: 16 secs.

The next distance was 10 km beating the previous Guinness World Record time by 22 mins finishing in 1 hr: 8 mins: 40 secs.

At this stage Doyle was feeling the heat twisting his knee in the process on one of the muddy paths, however he went onto set a new record of 10 miles in a time of 1 hr: 59 mins: 9 secs.

Feeling the heat and now carrying an injury Doyle had to battle on to break the Guinness World Record of 13 mile, his team was feeding him plenty of water and energy bars to maintain his salts.

Paddy said “I was feeling light headed and what did not help was my injured knee and ankles, I know from plenty of years of experience of pushing my self and going through the wall, that this was nothing new, I always put myself in a trance cutting out all pain regardless of the consequences.”

It paid off and Doyle finally reached the half marathon finish line carrying 40 lb back pack in a time of 2 hrs: 41 mins: 8 secs.

Finally I would like to thank Lloyd Davies from the Royal British Legion West Midlands for their ongoing support

Paddy Doyle - The Records tumble

Paddy Doyle – The Records tumble

Part II

Paddy Doyle stepped up to the challenge once again by setting another two cross country challenge records carrying a 20 lb back pack.

The official route was once again the Heart of England Way path, Paddy speed marched 1 km climbing over stiles, walking up hilly inclines and avoiding pot holes on the foot paths in a time of 6 mins: 21 secs.

He then focused his mind on the Guinness World Record 10 km speed march setting a new record time of 53 mins: 58 secs. Which was well within the cut off time of 1 hour.

Doyle said” This record pushed me as I had to finish in a faster time carrying a lighter weight, climbing over the stiles slowed me down and avoiding the deep pot holes on the path was a worry as I did not want to snap my ankle, on the last mile in is where my left calf muscle snapped it felt as though some one put a knife in my calf muscle, I knew at that stage if I did not cut out the pain I would not beat the Guinness record time. My team were a great support shouting me on to the finish line.”

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Thanks for the updates, Paddy, and long may you endure.