Assisting a Leading company in the private transport sector source a key individual for their growth plans


Job title: Deputy Director of Operations

Location: London

Sector: Logistics

Function: Operations

Level: Management

Candidate location: London

Search Duration: 16/01/2018 – 16/02/2018

Consultant name:  Jean-Claude Hedouin


Ex-Mil Recruitment was approached specifically by a multinational logistics organisation which was seeking to replace its incumbent Deputy Director of Operations in a short space of time. The current director was due to leave at the end of February, which meant the client required a proactive but well-executed search to enable the immediate onboarding of an excellent replacement. Issues arose with the client’s former source as the recommended candidates did not showcase the personnel management and operational expertise required for the role, nor did they display the desire to develop their future growth.


Our client had a very clear idea of the ideal candidate and understood the role which they would play within the organisation.  However, the client had to be overseas in the US for two weeks, which meant they were out of the picture for a considerable amount of time during the search – relying on our expertise and professionalism to deliver the perfect candidate.

The client was looking for someone who was capable of managing the day to day operational duties of the post, leaving the client to focus on the strategic operations of the organisation. Unbeknownst to the candidate, the client was seeking an individual to take over within two to three years, so management qualities would also need to be displayed.

Working alongside the organisation’s HR manager and the current director of operations, Ex-Mil Recruitment were able to ascertain the full details of the role and discover what was required from the ideal candidate.


Ex-Mil initiated the search on our database, as well as advertising the role on our website – a process which highlighted a significant number of initial candidates with varying backgrounds. From the selection process, four candidates stood out straight away – a young officer who spent four years in the Army, two Senior Non Commissioned officers and a Late entry officer.

The initial interviews were quickly conducted, whereupon, the client’s representatives quickly highlighted two standout individuals which would be introduced to the main contact upon their returns from the US. This was the case – three final candidates progressed to meet the contact, who was vastly impressed with each of the individuals which Ex-Mil sourced. An offer was made to the young Captain, which was duly accepted. The candidate started with the company a month after the initial enquiry.

Client testimonial

It was a pleasure working with Jean-Claude, who came across professional, easy to communicate with and who also has a great sense of humour. Jean-Claude only sent over relevant candidates once screened and prepared. All were interviewed and one was offered a position. Thanks Jean-Claude.

Consultant testimonial

This recruitment drive was a fairly simple experience, the only sticking points on this was that the client needed someone within a very short timeline. However the client provided full and detailed brief via various sources which helped built a clear picture of just what and who they needed.