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The news has been grimly fascinating of late with the Russians accused of trying to murder one of their own on British soil with a deadly nerve agent. The international outcry did nothing to dent Vladamir Putin, riding high on yet another presidential victory. As we wait to see how this plays out, you can have your say on events on our Facebook page, as ever remembering to keep it clean and polite. 

And finally, our sincere condilences to the family of the Red Arrows engineer killed in Tuesday's crash. A truly sad loss. 

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Recent vacancies

Field Service Representative, Automotive Management Services UAE and/or Algeria. Flexibility on relocation and travelling required between these regions. To be discussed during screening

Procurement Manager Victoria, London Excellent Package

Network/Installation Engineer Helston, Cornwall

Security Officer Isleworth £18ph

Project/Program Manager Kabul, Afghanistan Excellent Package

Access System Field Technician Reading £30k

Medical/First Aid Instructor UK Wide with possibility of Travel

News round–up 

U.K. attack shines spotlight on deadly nerve agent developed by Soviet scientists

Accused 'Neo-Nazi Member' Found 'Hiding' In A Cupboard, Court Hears

'Flawed' probe into Army instructors' abuse claims halted

Winter Paralympics 2018: Games close with spectacular ceremony

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watch traditional St Patrick’s Day parade of the Irish Guards

Ambulance initiative for military leavers receives royal backing

'I'll Be Back': Disappointment For UK Veteran Snowboarder In Debut Paralympics

CRACK TROOPS Four soldiers from Prince Harry’s old regiment caught snorting cocaine in Windsor pub — just two months before it guards his wedding

Prince Harry warns military charities to drop publicity battles and put veterans first

Jim Davidson makes SWEEPING claim about homeless war veterans on British streets

Defence Secretary plans intervention to protect Armed Forces personnel from SNP tax rises

UK's Military Credibility 'At Risk Without Defence Budget Increase'

Beware 'Disease X': the mystery killer keeping scientists awake at night 

Defence chiefs are forced to pay out £5.5million compensation to 34 troops suffering from 'shell shock' brought about by their service

Army targets 'keyboard warriors' on Facebook and Twitter in a bid to ease Armed Forces' recruitment crisis

Tottenham Hotspur to recruit Army veterans for new stadium

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Joke: Little Johnny

The teacher said to his class one day, "Please stand up, anyone who thinks they're stupid."

Nobody stood up so the teacher said, "I'm sure there are some stupid students in this class!"

At this point Little Johnny stood up.

The teacher said, "Oh Johnny! So you think you're stupid then?"

Little Johnny replied, "No, I just felt bad that you were standing up on your own."

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