Helping a leading specialist cleaning company identify a Night Supervisor for their operations in Home Counties.


Job title: Night Supervisor

Location: London and Home Counties

Sector: Service Industry

Function: Supervision

Candidate location: Thames Valley

Duration of search: 6 weeks

Consultant name: Simon Knowles


The client was a niche cleaning company within the catering sector seeking a Night Supervisor for their operations. Filling this position had been a priority of theirs for some time as they had tried to fill the position before in the past, but the right candidate was not available. The role required an element of authority and autonomy within the company. The successful candidate would have to visit the teams in and around London and the home counties, making sure the work is being executed as per the client’s requirement. Due to the nature of the operations, 90% of the work had to be done at night after the kitchens closed and had to be completed before they were needed again in the morning. The client had attempted to find an individual but were constantly coming up short, and other consultancies were unsure of what they needed.

After  we met with the client, the consultants had a very good idea of exactly what they were seeking, and were able to vocalize the client’s needs. it was quickly understood that they would be looking for a strong line manager who was able to self-manage and effectively deal with issues and problems which could arise.


The type of candidate we saw fit for this particular role was an ex SNCO/WO who was seeking a role where they could be their “own boss” for the majority of the time, i.e. having a level of flexibility and autonomy in the role, they would also need to adhere to a fixed reporting structure.

After speaking to a number of candidates, Ex-Mil quickly shortlisted three candidates who were presented to the client. All parties subsequently met with within a short space of time.


After the first-round of interviews, two of the candidates were brought back for a second round of meetings. Each of them went with the client on an evening where they were able to see the role for themselves, which we thought would be important to ensure both parties were aligned as to the role and their responsibilities.

The feedback which we received from the client  was very positive, stating that our rigorous process surpassed their expectations. This was also echoed by the candidates as they felt they had a good understanding of exactly what the role entailed.

The client was able to recruit the perfect candidate who was able to start in a very short space of time. They were also able to keep the second candidate in mind as there was an expected recruitment drive, where a role might become available.

Client testimonial

The client’s feedback was very positive, he had been seeking an individual for about four months prior to stumbling over our services and said it was the best “light bulb” moment he had in ages.  The client also stated that he will come back to us, and has already referred us to organisations where our services might be required.

Candidate testimonial

Steve has kept in touch, letting us know how he is doing, as he enjoys the role immensely, as it gives him the freedom to organise his own working week and lets him do what he is best at, that is dealing with people on a daily basis, not only within his teams, but also with clients, and making sure that the service they offer is 2nd to None.

Consultant testimonial

This is a very interesting recruitment drive, once we could understand exactly what the client wanted, as we felt that part of the issue was the client knew what he wanted, but was unsure of how to explain it. While not a long running or overly difficult recruitment drive for a client, it gave us satisfaction in getting the right result for client and candidate.