Assisting Key Organization in Saudi Arabia with its major contract in the training and supply of personnel for a multi-Billion-pound, 10-year contract in various disciplines and levels


Job title: Various technical and training roles
Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Sector: Telecoms/Training/Project Management/Operations
Function: Various
Level: Various
Duration of search: Ongoing since 2010
Consultant name:  Jean-Claude Hedouin


We were approached by a client based in Saudi Arabia that had a key contract with the Saudi Arabian Government. The government had been experiencing issues with their current supply chain in sourcing highly qualified and culturally adept personnel to work in the kingdom, so we were called upon.


After a long and frank conversation with the client, we quickly understood the difficulties of dealing and operating with the Kingdom. We also got a glimpse into the potentially protracted timelines when undertaking the recruitment process with the candidates and client.

At times, the country effectively shuts down for a period of time so keeping the candidates’ interest levels in these situations would prove challenging.  Getting the candidates to understand the differences in the day-to-day culture between the UK and Saudi was also of great importance.

This was achieved by fully briefing the candidates on the potential issues and differences between the two cultures, as well as the expected elongated timelines. We also made sure to brief candidates about the difficulties of working in the region, especially when training individuals in often complicated roles and situations.


Over a period of the eight years, we were tasked in sourcing over 55 differing roles at various levels within the organisation. We placed 39 candidates in posts, with the majority staying in these positions for an excess of four years each – most of them were able to move to new or higher roles within the company as the contract matured.


Client testimonial
The fact that the client used our services and are still utilising our services to this day, speaks for itself, they have come to us for either difficult or high priority posts and we are able to send them candidates within a very short timeframe.


Consultant testimonial
The biggest challenge on a recruitment drive of this type is to keep on top of the ever changing requirements of the client.  They change focus over the course of the contract and to keep up to date with their every changing needs and requirements is a must, this often happens at very short notice as the client tries to expand and develop their contract.