Job title: Boiler Engineer

Location: Southern Counties

Sector:  Engineering

Function: Engineer

Duration of search: 1 month

Consultant name:  Jean-Claude



The client had been looking to find an Oil Boiler engineer who possessed the relevant skills and qualifications for a number of months, due to the subsidiary company growing at a rate of 25% in the last two years. They had also contacted several other recruitment companies over a period of 6 months to source the individual.



Ex-Mil were contacted to secure someone with the relevant skills background and qualifications. However, we found very quickly that the level of salary they were offering was lower than the industry average, and that most of the engineers who were operating in this sector were older individuals who were very settled in their current companies and did not want to move.

We recommended they look outside of the box and get someone from a similar industry and train them with the specific skills, helping them to gain the qualifications that they would need in this sector. We eventually suggested taking someone from the Gas Engineering sector, as a possible solution and train them up, which was initially rejected as it would create an issue with regards to needing the individual to be up and running within a very short space of time.

However, they agreed to look at other types of individuals, where we sent over an Ex Royal Navy Submariner, with a strong engineering background, who gained qualifications as a gas engineer prior to leaving the service.



They met with my candidate, and found that his skills, ability and background were exceptional. The candidate displayed an willingness to make the transition from Gas to Fuel Oil within a very short space of time, making the change more effortless. The candidate who found it difficult to gain a suitable post, quickly saw the advantages of this move and settled in to the company within a very short space of time and has become a valued member of the team.


Client testimonial

We have used Ex-Mil for some of our difficult or hard to fill roles that are based overseas, but this is the first time we have used them for a domestic role, and they proved once again about their flexibility and ability to give us solutions that we can use within the company.


Candidate testimonial

I have made the move from the Military to the Civilian sector, and at the beginning found it very difficult, as the advice and support were at best sketchy and poor, but since getting this new role via Ex-Mil, I can see a new career open up in front of me which allows me to work with my hands, but at the same time offer longer term promotion prospects within this sector.


Consultant testimonial

This was a tough role to source in the first instance, as the skills base that they were looking for in the UK is small, and getting smaller, however after having the conversation with the client, gave me additional options and possibilities that proved to be successful in the long run.