Throughout their service, ex-military personnel foster organisational skills, leadership, resilience and many other unique transferable qualities which are a great asset to the working world.

In today’s world, organisations must compete harder than ever to find the perfect qualified candidates. Over recent years, there has been a growing number of employers who have began to target ex-military personnel to fill their employment gaps. This is largely due to the fact that they represent a source of top level talent,  which all businesses can tap into with the right recruitment process. Within this article, we will highlight three reasons why all employers should consider the services of ex-military personnel.

Effective well-qualified employees

After hiring ex-military candidates, many employers have reported an increase in loyalty and engagement amongst employees. In a survey conducted by Deloitte, 76% of employers have stated that ex-military personnel usually tend to have lower sickness and absence rates when compared to their non-service workforce alternatives.

There are over 200 trades in the Army alone, with hundred of others in the Royal Air force and Royal Navy. Many of the ex-military candidates are well-trained and experienced in a wide range of technical roles, including engineering,  IT, communications, project management, logistics, HR, policing and transport – all of which are transferable to the civilian workplace.


Service leavers tend to have unrivalled experience and excellent personal qualities which can be brought into the workplace, all honed whilst operating in highly demanding and pressurised situations. Service leavers are also adaptable and quick to learn, picking up new skills and adjusting to new circumstance.

Ex-Military candidates are motivated and self disciplined problem solvers who are always willing to get a the job done. Veterans can bring valuable mindsets, attitudes and behaviours to the civilian workforce, notably mission focus, loyalty, a strong work ethic and willingness to accept responsibility. Another benefit to employers is the fact that ex-service personnel are accustomed to working in highly pressurised environments, and importantly, they know how to act decisively and calmly in these situations.

Societal benefits

A recent survey conducted by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) highlighted that 74% of UK employers have shown support for returning members of the Armed Forces. Described this interest as ‘the right thing to do’ which reflects positively on public perceptions of their organisation. Employers that take a proactive approach when hiring ex-military job-seekers contribute greatly to the reduction of general unemployment for the wider society, as well as adding skilled members to their workplace.

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