Helping a marking leading niche organisation identify another key individual for their operations in the UK.

The Challenge

An established client – for whom Ex Mil Recruitment found a key member of their management team back in January 2018 – again approached us to find a ‘clone’ of their previous hire! The Training & Consultancy business had increased by a significant margin and they needed to recruit a Managing Consultant quickly to help with company growth in London, but also someone who could join the company at very short notice.

The Solution

After speaking to the client and finding out what they exactly needed – and the very short time frame that they needed to work to – Ex Mil’s Jean-Claude (JC) Hedouin initiated a search of individuals who met the client’s exacting needs, and at the same time, were available to start work at very short notice. As we already understood the role and company, this task was made a little bit easier. However, the client was looking for someone who was a step below the previous candidate, but who could move up in the company within a very short space of time.


After conducting an extensive database search and advertising campaign – where we identified a number of potential individuals on paper who could be a good fit – Ex Mil Recruitment was able to present a shortlist of six candidates within just one week. Such was the quality of our search that the client invited all six for first round interviews! They brought back three candidates for 2nd and final interviews, where one candidate was quickly identified as being the outstanding individual for this role. They were subsequently offered the role and within 10 days started working for the company involved, which meant the entire process was completed in under two months!

Client Feedback

“The client rightly thought that this was going to be a difficult recruitment drive due to the time pressure, but they were over the moon with the quality of the candidates. This was because they said they could have recruited any of the three finalists, as there was little or nothing between them. They are looking forward to speaking to me again next year when they are looking to take on their next individual!”

Candidate Feedback

“The candidate feedback on the role and process was that he found it a very easy transition – we at Ex-Mil Recruitment helped him every step of the way by giving him the support and knowledge that he needed to succeed in the interview process. The role and company were very well presented by Ex-Mil and he sees that he can progress a long way within this organisation, both in the UK or overseas if wants to in the future.”

Consultant Testimonial

“The biggest challenge we had on this recruitment drive was the short time frame, as they needed someone to start asap. At the level they were looking at there was the danger of missing the goal posts due to notice periods of the individuals, but with some hard work and using the skills and knowledge built up in the company, we were able to find the short list of suitable candidates and find them that key person for the future.”