The client, The Multinational Force and Observers is an independent international organisation responsible for implementing a high-profile and challenging Middle Eastern peace treaty with the base of operations in the Sinai Desert.


Jean-Claude quickly grasped the organisation’s unique needs and was able to put forward the right candidates, even during an unexpected surge in recruiting.


Since the client first approached in 2016, Ex-Mil have provided a steady stream of qualified, well-vetted candidates for every vacancy.


“Jean-Claude’s competence and professionalism, coupled with his candid, personable style, have made him invaluable to this organisation’s human resources team.”


We at Ex-Mil enjoyed this recruitment drive, as the client was very clear in what they needed and the personnel required, which made the candidate sourcing very straight forward, but with the locations and the current state of political turmoil in the region slightly more difficult for obvious reasons.

The MFO were a very good client to deal with, as they understood the issues regarding their recruitment drive and worked with us to find solutions to their needs.

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