We were approached by a £20m turnover construction company based in London. They were seeking to hire three trainee site managers who could join their company at the start of January on a training contract with the company. They were specifically looking for former service personnel in these roles as the board were keenly aware of the ideal skillset of ex-military candidates.

They had been successful in finding one candidate but were finding it frustrating and difficult to source suitable candidates for the last two positions.


Any candidate put forward for these roles needed some engineering or construction background and had to be ex-military or about to be ex-military. This reduced the pool of potential candidates. Through a combination of database search and advertising on our website, we quickly managed to find candidates who not only fitted the client’s needs, but who were really interested in the training and longer-term career prospects for them that came with the role.


We were able to quickly come up with a short list of eight candidates, six of whom were submitted to the client for review. The client chose four for initial interview, followed by seeing three of those for second round interview, making sure that they were able to start work early January 2019.

The two successful candidates were over the moon with their new opportunity and were looking forward to starting with the company, and having spoken to both of them after a month of starting, both of them are still ecstatic with the new roles, as they have fitted into the company structure and have managed to not only take on board what they needed to learn and understand in the first month, but are already halfway through the second month’s training program.

Client testimonial

The clients feed back was very positive, and have stressed that should they be looking to repeat this exercise next year, they will come back to Ex-Mil Recruitment as their first port of call, at the same time speaking to their sub-contractors about us to as a possible source of quality candidates for their own companies.

Candidate testimonial

Both candidates have come back saying that this is the sort of opportunity they were seeking as they were leaving the forces, and one of them had spent 9 months after leaving actively seeking this sort of role. They felt that I had explained the company ethos, role and training package down to a tee, and are happy to go to work every day.

Consultant testimonial

From the initial consultation this seemed to be an excellent role for the right individuals, and it was a joy to work with them on this post. The client was very focused on what they were seeking and gave me ample information to quickly narrow down the type of individuals they were seeking and to fully brief them prior to meeting the client. I am looking forward to assisting them with their next trainee recruitment drive later this year.