The client operates a gold mining and bullion transfer business from several locations in Kenya. Their operation is expanding and they are facing new challenges both commercially and from an increased threat from armed raiders who attempt on a regular basis to infiltrate the perimeter and steal goods.

They had previously employed ex-British Special Forces to guard the perimeter. The task was quite repetitive day in and out with long periods of nothing happening but with regular attacks by armed bandits from South Africa.

They wanted a team leader with genuine combat experience coupled with a degree of commercial acumen as there were various other duties to be carried out. The successful candidate would need to carry out close protection of the assets, assess the best field protection and manage a local team. They also required the individual to be the personal Close Protection Officer for the CEO.


Stewart took a full job description and it became clear that the team leader needed not just combat experience but ideally field defence experience, the ability to train the locals and devise routes and organise transport for asset transfer.

Stewart felt that that the ideal candidate would be an ex British army NCO ideally ex Royal Engineers who had operated in a hostile environment and who was potentially a qualified MTI or trainer, able carry out a multitude of close protection tasks.

The client provided all the information required and agreed the interview process. Due to the trust and rapport built up Ex-Mil was trusted to select the candidates and to take all references. Ex-Mil pulled a number of CVs from the database and advertised the vacancy via various media including LinkedIn and Twitter.


There were over 60 initial applicants however after sifting through there were three candidates that stood out. After interviewing one stood out an Ex Royal Engineer who was a trainer and who was also an experience Close Protection Officer. The candidate was selected, and all his references and certificates checked by Ex-Mil and sent to the client.

Client testimonial

Thank you for all your help with [our new recruit]. He’s doing well and it seems a good fit.

Candidate testimonial

The candidate was ecstatic after the interviews and being selected stating that; “This is exactly what I am looking for!”

The candidate has now been in the role for over a month now and says he loves it, he has great accommodation, a vehicle and the client are very happy with him.

Consultant testimonial

The process was really challenging due to the client’s travel leading to long periods without communication. It was obvious the sooner the candidate got there the better it would be for the client. Both client and candidate needed the recruitment process to move quickly. The key here was constant communication and being straight with everyone.