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Another "fascinating" few weeks in politics again. As ever, we'll rise above it all and look at some of the lesser known and more heartwarming news. 

Last week saw the Soldiering On Awards, which celebrate the achievements of the military community, by honouring serving and retired personnel, veterans, their families and organisations that support the Armed Forces Community. Although the tabloids mainly concentrated on Carol Vorderman's dress, there were some wonderful people celebrated on the night including Retired Captain of the Royal Engineers, Luke Sinnott, who was injured in an IED explosion which claimed both his legs and severely damaged his arms. He first represented his country in sport at the Invictus Games, and is now aiming for the 2020 Paralympics, where he is guaranteed our cheers.

Some fantastic organisations also took home well-earned awards, including The War Widows Association, the Poppy Factory and Bravehound who train and provide companion dogs to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The dogs give their human partners confidence to break social isolation and engage with the world again, helping them to deal with flashbacks and provide a vital role in suicide prevention. And, we now seem to have something in our eyes…

It's great to see military veterans, supporters and organisations like these recognised and given a little profile – shame media coverage was so rubbish!

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News round–up    

Three military veterans hand back their service medals to the Prime Minister – sending them with 23 white feathers in protest over Bloody Sunday prosecution ‘witch hunt’

Four paratroopers filmed shooting at a target of Jeremy Corbyn are flown home to face the sack for breaching the army's strict disciplinary code

Military Meets Medieval For 'Career Highlight' Game Of Thrones Performance

At last! Judge finally dismisses Taliban bombmaker's compensation claim that cost British taxpayers £1million

Parsons Green Tube bomb: Army hero awarded Queen's honour for bravery after rushing into aftermath of attack

Army arrest six men over alleged sex assault

Soldier ballet 'reflects Army life'

Labour Leader Condemns Target Practice On His Picture

MOD Criticised For Failing To Dispose Of Obsolete Nuclear Submarines And British Troops On Exercise In Baltic Sea

Spaniards press-ganged into Falklands War seek compensation from Argentina

Ballymurphy inquest: Soldier 'saw paratroopers kill civilians'

RAF St Athan becomes civilian airport

Unmarried Personnel Now Eligible For Military Family Accommodation

Petition urges MoD rethink on Welbeck Sixth Form Defence College closure

Army hero on trial wants case heard in UK

British Military Should Return 'East of Suez', Sir Michael Fallon Says

Bella the rescue dog wins awards for therapy work for soldiers

In the West, we're worried about shooting down drones. In Russia, drones shoot you

New programme launched for armed forces personnel seriously wounded in conflict

RAF jets scrambled to Russian military aircraft off Scotland

Ex-soldier who sued MoD after contracting Q fever in Afghanistan loses case

UK Armed Forces See Decline In Suicide Rates

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Joke: The Cathedral

Two American men are touring Europe, and are scheduled to arrive in France Sunday afternoon. However, they arrived several hours early, and had little to do on Sunday morning while everything was closed.

"Well," one says to the other, pointing to a nearby Cathedral, "why don't we attend Mass?"

"Sure," replies his friend. "But we don't know how the French pray and we can't speak French!"

The first guy thinks of a solution. "We'll pick a guy in front of us, and whatever he does, we'll do."

His friend agrees. They enter the church, sit close to the front, and choose a guy.

Fifteen minutes pass, and their plan is working well. Thirty minutes, no issues.

By the time forty-five minutes pass, they've gotten used to the routine. Suddenly, while everyone is seated, the priest says something in French and the gentleman they chose stands up. Without thinking, the two Americans stand up as well.

The church bursts into hard laughter.

Realizing that no one else is standing up, the two American men leave in embarrassment. They wait for the Mass to end, and then approach the priest, who spoke English.

"We're well-meaning people- we don't speak French and just chose some guy to imitate while praying," one says.

The priest chuckles. "Ah. You're probably wondering why everyone laughed at you."

"Yes," replied the other American.

"Well, you see, I announced the Baptism of a child… and asked for the father of the child to stand up."

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