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We don’t ask for much but this week we have two favours to ask you.

Firstly, some poor veteran out there, or their family, is missing some hard-earned medals. We all know how much awards mean to our forces and their loved ones. If you’re in the Derby area, can you identify this man? If not, please spread the word and let’s get these medals home to where they belong!

Secondly, and everyone wins here, could you please take a few minutes to update your details on our website? You may have noticed an incredible volume of vacancies lately – we sure have! – and if we can’t get in touch with you, we can’t put you forward for a role.

While you’re there, why not make sure all your skills and work experience are up to date too so we can match you to something ideal?

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The Team

Recent vacancies

Instructor – North East – part time fixed term North East £23456 pro rata – part time

Leadership and Management Trainer Derby £28-33k + Car Allowance.

Electrotechnical Lecturer Derby £30 – 35k + car Allowance

P/T Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Assessor Derby up to £13,200 for 3 days a week.

Senior Field Service Engineer Loudwater Excellent Salary Base

Live-Out Housekeeper for UHNW Family Central London £26,000 Per Annum to start

Instructor – East Midlands East Midlands £23456

Instructor – West Midlands West Midlands £23456

Experienced Real Estate Sales Agent London £36,000 per annum plus uncapped On Target Earnings

Export and Event Administrator Kirkcaldy, Fife circa £20k, depending on experience

Trainee Geo-technical Driller Gloucester, covering UK £24,000 – £35,000 + Benefits and Allowances

Construction Project Manager – Mechanical & Electrical Sinai, Egypt circa £65k + Excellent Benefits

Event Crew Wanted Nationwide £10.75 to £15 per hour depending on contract

Resourcer/Trainee Recruitment Consultant (343jc) – Maidenhead – Maidenhead £18 – £22k per annum, depending on experience OTE 1st Year £25-30k, 2nd Year £50k+

General Labourer uttoxeter £8.50 / £10.00

Fabricators/ Welders Stoke on trent 10.00 /10.50

Yeoman Warder HM Tower of London C. £30,000

News round–up    

Theresa May is branded a 'coward' by ex-Army Tory MP Johnny Mercer for allowing 'witch hunt' against Northern Ireland veterans

Defence Secretary: UK Government 'Stands Firmly Against Torture'

Royal Navy and Marines face 'worst manning crisis in military history'

English conman exposed after claiming to be dead Scottish war hero

How IRA bomb led to new Army trauma training

The Tower of London is hungry for Beefeaters! Landmark is short of guards after insisting applicants have 22 years of military service and a medal for good conduct

Hundreds of protesters hold a rally outside BBC Broadcasting House against prosecution of former British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland

Household Cavalry parade marks end of era in Windsor

'It smacks of political correctness': Former military commanders blast Royal Navy's 'harsh' decision to sack father-of-three Big Lizzy skipper 'for using his official car at weekends'

Threat Level Raised For British Personnel In Iraq Over Iran Risk

WOBBLY LINE OF DUTY Dozens of top armed cops who protect Britain’s military sites are probed for dodgy behaviour

Body of British soldier killed by elephant returned to UK

Twice as many serious criminals in the UK as there are soldiers in the army

'Hollywood technology' helping military rehabilitation

Treat Yourself As You Would Treat Others – #FillYourBrew

Scots soldiers face deportation unless they 'pay-to-stay' after serving our country

British Normandy veterans are furious after US officials banned them from visiting Omaha beach on the 75th D-Day anniversary because of tight security for Trump's visit next month

Royal Navy accused of risking lives and war in Gibraltar over Devonport submarine

Twickenham: Calls to move Army v Navy match

'I'M DISGUSTED' Falklands veteran ‘forced out of Royal Navy over bisexuality’ plans to sue Ministry of Defence

Ballymurphy: Former soldier says discipline of Army prevented more deaths

Stakeknife: Fred Scappaticci 'facing more than 30 lawsuits'

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Joke: Hell

Three men die and go to hell.

"Surely we weren't that bad?" they ask themselves. "There has to be something we can do to get out of here."

Satan suddenly appears and says "Oh, but there is! Withstand ten whippings from my trusty whip here and you're free to go. I'll even let you pick something to cover your back with"

The men let out a cheer. This wouldn't be so hard.

The first man steps up and observes his surroundings. Finally, he picks a sturdy looking boulder to place on his back. "Ready," he says.

Satan raises his whip and yells, "ONE!"


The boulder immediately splits in half.

"Aw screw this," says the first man. "I'll just stay."

Satan smirks and asks, "Who's next?"

The second man steps up and, without picking any protection, gets in position.

"Are you sure about that?" asks Satan, to which the man replies with

"I have trained my mind and body to ignore any unnecessary pain. I need no protection."

"Whatever you say, pal." Satan raises his arm and yells, "ONE!"


The man slightly flinches, his pain evident, but he remains upright.

Annoyance flashes across Satan's face. He raises his arm again and shouts, "TWO!"


Again, the man remains upright, all the way up to the tenth whipping.

The man gets up, weary but happy. Satan looks furious and says, "Whatever, goodjob. You, third guy, you're next. What are you picking?"

The third man takes in his surroundings, lays his eyes on his choice and says, "I'm gonna pick the second guy."

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