The client has worked with Ex-Mil successfully in the past and approached us to help them source an additional three key members of staff for a massive reconstruction project in Egypt, where they are looking to upgrade the critical infrastructure for their personnel.


After taking a thorough job description for each of the roles, it was then up to Ex-Mil Recruitment to quickly draw up short lists of potential candidates. Each role was completely different in job duties so in effect this work involved three different searches run alongside of each other at the same time. We did this through searching our own database, advertising and active networking to secure three shortlists of candidates for each role.

The biggest issue we had, was trying to co-ordinate the time frames on each of the roles, trying to keep the client and candidates fully informed during the recruitment process, and having to juggle them all at the same time.


The client initially interviewed four candidates for each of the roles, then reduced them down to a final two for each post, over a two-week period, with operational conditions in Egypt and public holidays slowing the recruitment process.

After completion of the second round interviews, the client then offered all three roles to our candidates who accepted and are due to start with the client in June and July.

Client testimonial

We have now used Ex-Mil a number of times and feel they are an addition to our recruitment team and a safe pair of hands, who are always able to offer the candidates we need within a very short time frame.

Candidate testimonial

All the candidates were happy with the process, and even the ones did not secure the roles were happy with the process as the client may have additional roles that could suit them in the very near future.

Consultant testimonial

Again it was a pleasure dealing with the client, as they have a very strong ethos and defined need which is helpful and they seem to be a company that looks after their personnel. We find that candidates are very keen to work for them after they have met them.