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Last weekend saw Armed Forces Day marked across the UK. It didn't get a huge amount of mainstream media coverage but we did find these great pictures of celebrations

It's genuinely fascinating to see which events and stories do get picked up by the media. It's even more interesting to look at how they spin it. Here's a great example that we found; on Monday a suspected stray missile crashed north of the Cypriot capital, Nicosia. The Independent posted this relatively calm article. The Daily Mirror were a little more excitable, focusing on residents' claims of 'massive explosions and a fireball'.

Then, things get really interesting… The Sun goes with the headline 'CLOSE CALL Out-of-control ‘Syrian missile’ EXPLODES in Cyprus nature park – sparking fears for Brit holidaymakers', bringing it right to the doorstep of UK tourists and bringing in the all-caps to really up the tension. 

But the grand prize has to go to the Daily Express, who went really left-field and hinted at the real cause of the crash being… yes, aliens

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News round–up    

Russian Submarine Fire Kills 14 Sailors

Colchester barracks: Paratrooper 'shocked' by 'racist abuse'

US Navy Seal Acquitted Of Murder In Killing Of IS Fighter

Navy Seals discussed chief officer's alleged war crimes in WhatsApp group, trial hears

Royal Navy Photo Competition Winners Announced

Senior officer in Prince Harry's former regiment 'embarrassed to march with fat soldiers'

British army officers wrongly believed alcohol made WW1 troops better fighters, claims addiction specialist

Hidden heroes of the Armed Forces – from helping terror victims to rescuing refugees

3 of the Stupidest Wars Ever Fought in World History

‘Not as thin as he thinks’ — drunk Royal Navy pilot gets stuck in chimney during mess night game

In pictures: the UK MoD’s future robot army

Nazis Dosed Soldiers with Performance-Boosting 'Superdrug' 

Germany crash: Two Eurofighter jets in fatal collision

FALLEN HEROES Brit troops pay moving tribute to Falklands heroes by recreating the final march they made during the conflict four decades ago

Revealed: Royal Marines training for potential Russian conflict scrawl Nazi swastika on the chest of a comrade during humiliating initiation ceremony

Suella Braverman: Housing provided for Britain's armed forces is not fit for purpose

Edinburgh Tattoo narrator Alasdair Hutton searching for relatives of paratroopers that died

Police tape off area in Leicester and bomb squad called as 'military weapon' found

Waterloo hospital site to be dug up by team including UK veterans

TOXIC COSTS Salisbury spy poison plot has cost the Ministry of Defence £18m on staff and specialist clean up gear

Britain’s armed forces in crisis as 6,000 face mental health fight

Over 100 British Army instructors accused of abusing recruits, drugs and porn

British Army legend ‘Mad Jack’ fought Nazis with sword and longbow in WW2

IN FOR A PENNY Penny Mordaunt blasts Philip Hammond for underappreciating the Armed Forces and demands more funding for troops

Scuttling Of German Fleet To Be Commemorated 100 Years On At Scapa Flow

Iraq, U.S. deny planned evacuation of contractors from Iraqi base

Ashbourne Soldier honoured for helping homeless families

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The 92 year old was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee listening to his brothers. He shakes his head and says, "I sure hope I never get that forgetful." He knocks on wood for good luck.

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