Clients we talk to sometimes tell us that they aren’t sure how to bring ex-military personnel into their organisations due to concerns with there being a culture clash, communication issues due to jargon or concern about how they may integrate with existing non-military staff. The perception is that serving in the army, navy or airforce is worlds away from the average office.

What we always say, when faced with these concerns is that there really isn’t any reason to worry. All former servicemen and women learn very quickly. As long as they know what the big picture is and what you’re trying to achieve, they will help you achieve it. A military career helps to build some exceptional skills; fast adaptation, results orientation and excellent communication. Exactly the attributes you want in a new starter and with the added humour that comes from service!

One of the best ways of onboarding somebody with a military background into your organisation is to team them up with a trusted member within your team who can act as a mentor to them and gently ease them into whatever corporate culture that you’re looking for within your organisation. This has the added benefit of giving them a familiar face that they can come to with any questions they may have about the business.

A military career fosters a fantastic work ethic, so your new starter will want to be kept busy – again this can really work in your favour. Give them projects and goals that are highly challenging but achievable and have something ready for them to start as soon as they join you.

If you think your business might benefit from staff who thrive in fast-paced environments and will work tirelessly to achieve the organisation’s goals, please give us a call and we can discuss potential candidates as well as answer any questions you have about how to make the working relationship beneficial all round.