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With all the headlines taken up with the General Election, will any of the main parties unify the country and get us out of the Brexit stalemate? Will any of them deliver on promises to take better care of veterans? Should we hold our breath on either? 

Some other headlines that caught our eye include Ant Middleton being held responsbile for the increase in bearded servicemen (Ok, sure!), The  1,000 free journeys that London black cab drivers have provided to veterans (thanks guys!) and this moving story about a military family appealing for birthday cards for their daughter who is facing her 10th brain surgery – we'd love some of our readers to help here but get in quick if you're going to send her a card, as her birthday is on the 28th. 

Cloer to home, we've decided to donate £1,000 to a deserving military charity and we're asking you to tell us which one we should donate to. The only caveat is that it should be a small, grassroots charity, not one of the main players. If you have a recommendation, please hop over to our LinkedIn and let us know

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Recent vacancies

Project/Construction Director Falkland Islands circa US$16k per month + Benefits

Motor Vehicle Technician (HGV Technician) Ruislip £35,144 + OT + Benefits

Field Service Engineer – Air Compressors Wrotham, Kent £26-29k + Overtime and Benefits

Construction Field Service Technician Overseas £Competitive Daily Rates

Trainee Geo-technical Driller Gloucester based and UK Wide travel up to £24,000 to start – up to £35,000 once qualified

Air Traffic Management Safety Engineer Malvern circa £50 – 62k + Benefits.

Air Traffic Management (ATM) Safety Engineer Boscombe Down circa £50 – 62k + Benefits

Comms Engineering Manager North London £50-60k

Field Service Technician Home Based/West Midlands circa £25k to start + Allowances and training

News round–up    

Inside The Ex-Military Bunkers Transformed Into A Farm And A Brewery

Stand up for our soldiers: ‘Betrayed’ British war hero makes simple plea to Boris Johnson

MOD Denies Covering Up Alleged War Crimes In Afghanistan And Iraq

Debt Diaries: I get daily threats collecting people’s debt

Jewish Veterans And Serving Personnel Take Part In Remembrance Parade

UK government and military accused of war crimes cover-up

South Yorkshire Floods: Soldiers Placed Back On Standby

Lest HE forgets! Bikers put would-be pickpocket, 43, in a headlock after they catch him trying to steal a veteran's wallet while he was selling poppies during Remembrance weekend

Former British Military Chief Lord Bramall Dies Aged 95

MOD asks if you have got what it takes to be a firearms officer at the shipyard?

James Le Mesurier, British ex-army officer who trained Syria's White Helmets, found dead in Istanbul

British Army Officer is fired as Jordan’s military adviser after he was accused to becoming ‘too close’ to the kind and wielding too much political power

Man who lit fireworks at Salford Remembrance Sunday event jailed

Thousands of injured Iraq and Afghanistan war heroes are being shut out of 'half-empty' £350m military hospital

British Army soldier accidentally shot best friend after playing with pistols 'like toys'

Female army veterans pushed into homelessness and destitution by ‘abysmal’ pensions rules

Military veterans demand Tory minister apologises for calling white poppies ‘attention seeking rubbish’

Swadlincote man, 85, converts mobility scooter into 'tank'  

British Soldier killed by shellfire in France during World War One is identified and finally laid to rest 102 years later thanks to an engraved SPOON found in his pocket

D-day veteran Harry Billinge moved to tears on BBC Breakfast as he's shown the Normandy memorial he helped to fund

Employment tribunals have no jurisdiction over US bases in UK 

The war grave lady detectives: When bodies are unearthed at World War battle sites, a team of dedicated women set to work to identify the fallen heroes …. And even the smallest of clues can give families peace at last

Frontline Syria with a Brit volunteer: ‘Young women are the forefront of the resistance’ 

New cyber deception lab helps MOD take the fight to network attackers

Houston Texans, Royal Foundation partner for new employment program helping UK and US Veterans

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Introducing PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution would like to hear from drone operators who may be suffering psychological distress from the effects of their operations. If this is you, please contact:

Colonel A de P Gauvain (Retired), Chairman and CEO, PTSD Resolution
Call: 01483 267027

Should you come across a Veteran, Reservist or dependant who may have mental health problem, please get in touch – [email protected] .  PTSD Resolution are the only provider of free, effective, personal, prompt, local treatment across the UK for service personnel past and present with PTSD.

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Joke: The penguins

A man drives into a gas station. The attendant goes to fill his tank and notices 5 penguins in the back seat. The attendant says, "Hey – why do you have 5 penguins in your car?"

The driver says, "I KNOW! I was just stopped at a light back there and they climbed into my car and now I don't know what to do!"

The attendant thinks for a second and says, "I'll tell you what I'd do – I'd take them to the zoo."

The driver says, "That's a good idea – I'll do that!"

A week later the driver pulls into the gas station and the attendant sees the same 5 penguins, only now they're wearing sunglasses. The attendant asks, "What are you doing?! I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo!"

"We did go! We had a great time! Today we're going to the beach!"

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