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Having spent three years asking "what will it take to get Brexit off the front page?" We now regret finding out. Like the rest of you, we are socially isolating as best we can and keeping everyone safe. But we want to reassure you that we are still working, still here for you! We are just a phone call away, keeping the ball rolling. 

You may notice that the recruitment industry as a whole is a little on the quiet side as people absorb the current situation and how it impacts their business. However, there are some things you can be doing while you're stuck at home. Polish those CVs to a high shine! Remember to add in any volunteering or work you do during the crisis, as this will show real initiative and team spirit. And it's just the right thing to do – if you are able, please help those who are stuck at home and vulnerable, including our veterans. They may really need your help right now. 

If you're still serving, you might be interested in this guide to what you may be asked to do: Five things the military can do during pandemic.

Most importantly of all, please stay safe, stay well and look after each other. We're sure many of you are already out there helping – it's what we are trained to do. We'd love to see what you're doing – hop over to our Facebook page and let us know! 

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Installation Service Specialist Newcastle up to £35k + Benefits

Technical Specialist – Networks Birmingham Excellent Salary

Technical Support – Networks Birmingham Excellent Salary

News round–up    

Army Begins Delivering Protective Equipment To Frontline NHS Workers
Majority of councils fail to consider veterans in housing and homelessness policy

Military Secrets Exposed by UK Printing Company

Army bomb disposal team tackle suspect device found in Grimsby home
RAF Assist Repatriation Flight Of British Citizens From Cuba

Armed Forces Minister 'So Proud Of What Our People Are Doing' In Coronavirus Response
British Defence On Coronavirus 'Key Workers' List As Schools Close
Coronavirus – Changes to Veterans UK Services
British Personnel To Drawdown From Iraq
7 in Swindon court over cigarette smuggling plot
Coronavirus: Government Won't Rule Out Asking Military To Repatriate Stranded UK Nationals
British Forces Gibraltar Doing 'Everything' In Coronavirus Response
Recruiters welcome help to get former veterans into Civvy Street
Building Heroes helps 12 veterans gain trading certificates
Military prosecutions: NI veterans not covered by proposed legislation
Coronavirus: 'Absolutely No Plans' For Military To Guard Supermarkets
Britain's finest wartime SAS photo archive sold at auction for £25k
Coronavirus: MoD recalls field hospitals and medics posted overseas to fight on UK’s virus frontline
MOD must 'urgently resolve' Right to Remain for Commonwealth veterans, MPs warn, after Royal Navy becomes latest force to be pulled into immigration row
REVEALED: Army lockdown on 650 British soldiers in Kenya barracks after up to 100 visited prostitutes and feared they had HIV after unprotected sex
How a 5ft 5in Royal Artillery officer won a hand-to-hand fight with a Gurkha in one of the British Army’s most brutal challenges to become the first woman Paratrooper – then gave her male rival a consoling hug
Fresh rocket attack wounds international troops in Iraq, potentially deepening U.S.-Iran tensions
BARMY ARMY Only 21 injured veterans given access to new £300m rehab centre in 18 months
WAR ON BUGS Coronavirus fears see man in full military battle dress shop for loo roll
‘Jock’s Jocks’ programme about north-east veterans is nominated for international prize
Government to introduce 5-year limit on prosecuting armed forces for human rights abuses
Coronavirus: People Arriving In Cyprus From UK Told To Self-Isolate For Two Weeks
China government spokesman says U.S. military may have brought virus to China

UK soldier killed in Iraq was 'larger than life'

Brighton blind veteran completes half marathon

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Joke: Pearly Gates

St. Peter tells them, "As you all know God has a sense of humor and his latest idea is to put the Kingdom of Heaven several hundred miles from the Pearly Gates."

"How is that supposed to be funny?" one guy asks.

"Well, God had the novel idea of allowing those admitted into Heaven a vehicle to travel that distance, but the quality of your vehicle is based upon how faithful you were to your spouse."

Knowing they can't argue and that God obviously knows all, the men begin confessing their infidelity.

"I admit I screwed around behind my wife's back, but I broke it off with the girl before my wife found out." One man admits. "Very well," St. Peter responds and gives him a standard bicycle. The guy shrugs and feels a little better confessing.

The second man says with a grin, "I've never actually cheated on my wife." St. Peter raises a skeptical brow. "Okay… There was one time, but it was technically before we were married! I was drunk and I didn't know what I was doing but I've never been unfaithful after that!" With a heavy sigh St. Peter grants the second man a car–but in terrible condition.

The third man says proudly, "I've never been unfaithful. Never." The other two stare at the third in disbelief. "No, he's right." St. Peter confirms. "He's been faithful the whole time. In fact he lost his virginity to his wife." The other two men gape in jealous amazement as the third man is granted a brand new sports car.

The third man obviously can make it down the long, glittering highway toward the Kingdom of Heaven faster than the other two. However, the first man on the bicycle finds the third man pulled over not too far down the road. Perplexed, he rides to the sports car and finds the man sobbing into his steering wheel.

"What's wrong, wise-guy, is this Italian muscle too much for you?" he gloats.

"No…" the third man tries to gain composure. "It's not that… The car is beautiful!"

"Then what's your problem?" "I just passed my wife and she was on rollerskates."

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