We are in incredibly unusual times for businesses around the world. You may be thinking about hiring new staff but you know you need them to be resilient, exceptional under pressure, collaborative, creative and highly skilled. It’ll come as no surprise what we recommend – look to the military.

Through service, ex-military personnel have already proved they are good team players and have exceptional organisational ability, as well as their specific practical skills. All branches of the armed forces give high-quality training, for example in communications, driving, or more specialised activities, so if you’re looking for niche skillsets, this is where you’ll find them.

If you can see how ex-military staff might be good for your company, here are some ideas:

  • People who join the military are committed people. When they have completed their tour of duty, long-term prospects are important to them.   Jobs with a future will attract them, and they will show the same dedication in civilian posts as they showed throughout their military careers.  Emphasise training and the chance of advancement in the company and give regular updates on this to those you already have working for you.


  • Think about what they can offer you. People with military experience have received training in many areas of work.  When advertising, in many cases you can add “or relevant experience” to the qualifications needed for the job.  Be specific in your job advertisements; because such a diverse group of people join the military, you need to be clear about your needs


  • Take your recruiting to them; as well as targeting your job advertisements, you can visit local military bases and talk to groups who are shortly to complete their time in the forces. Tell them what your company is offering and list the abilities you are looking for. Ask to talk to the unit´s Resettlement Officer, who will answer your questions, and be helpful in suggesting types of skills and abilities which would be useful to your business.

We are here for you if you would like specific guidance or would like help in finding your ideal candidate.