We were asked to assist a Defense Prime who were seeking to recruit a Crypto Accountant for their engineering team. They had been seeking for some time but the quality of candidates they had been sent did not have the right level of capability and knowledge to replace the previous post-holder, who was moving on within the company.


After an initial conversation with a senior line manager, going through the role and the duties, it became obvious that the job description needed to be simplified and that they needed a down-to-earth crypto accountant who could look after all of their classified documents and equipment for various projects for the MoD.

The main difficulty was that the job description had been overcomplicated and once the key requirements for the role were clearer, we were able to quickly target the types of individuals they were seeking and were able to source four candidates for them quickly.


The client reviewed all of the candidates and decided to bring three in for interview who were all capable of doing the role. Two were then invited back for second round interviews, as they felt that they also had the personality and cultural fit for the company.

Following these second round interviews, the successful candidate was appointed and was delighted to accept the role. Due to Covid-19 issues, they have only been able to start the role this month but we are sure they will do brilliantly.

Client testimonial

The clients feedback was very positive and they have asked us to assist with other roles, although they have placed recruitment on hold until August due to the current Covid crisis.

Candidate testimonial

The candidate was over the moon, as she was working for a company based in Dorset and her partner was promoted and moved to High Wycombe and she wanted to be able to move to be with him. She is also very pleased that this role offers long-term development for herself with potential progression within the company both in training and career development.

Consultant testimonial

This was an interesting role to take on board, as we felt that we could find the individuals that they needed, and once we had a good understanding of what the client needed. The only fly in the ointment was the current Covid situation that did drag things out somewhat.