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This week the Prime Minister took to his podium to warn us all that the fight against COVID-19 is in no way over and that we must all act to prevent a serious second wave this autumn. He also spoke of the great challenges in policing regulations and suggested “ the option to draw on military support where required to free-up the police”.

The suggestion currently seems to be that the military will back fill office roles, rather than being out on the streets handing out fines or imposing order. We can’t help but wonder exactly what shape that will take! Do you think this is the best use of our forces? Would you have been happy to be drafted in to do paperwork or do you think our skills lend themselves to more active duties? We’d love to know what you think – join the discussion on Facebook.

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Message from JC

It’s one thing to put your money where your mouth is but I thought I’d do something a little different this year. So, instead of making a donation as usual, I’ve decided to take part in the CEO Sleepout charity fundraiser at Lords Cricket Ground on Oct 26th and raise money for the homeless.

Being homeless is a major problem in 2020 and with a significant number of them being former service personnel, this personal challenge feels like the right thing to do. Every penny counts so if you are able to donate please do so here.

Recent vacancies

Electro-Mechanical Workshop Foreman Southend-on-Sea Excellent salary and benefits package

Trainee or Experienced Patent Administrator Cheltenham £22k minimum dependent on experience

Quality Assurance Lead Derby 35k-45k subject to competences

News round–up 

Anger over time limit on troops’ claims for injuries amid warnings the new laws to protect soldiers from legal witch-hunts will block compensation bids

Gibraltar: Searches To Continue For Missing Simon Parkes

Unemployment rise offers chance to boost armed forces recruitment, MPs hear

China military PR film mocked over ‘Hollywood clips’

‘GREATEST INJUSTICE’ Soldier hounded by lawyers over bogus war crime charges backs bill to end witch-hunts

British Army major is fined £5,000 after corporal suffers serious burns running over burning coals as ‘kangaroo court’ punishment for losing squadron mascot

Photos: Royal Navy, U.S. Coast Guard Team Up on Three Drug Busts

Stormont Executive urged to act over recognition payments for the bereaved

Brit army colonel unconscious for 4 minutes and saved by sons after water-skiing stroke

Johnny Mercer is blasted for calling writer James Delingpole a ‘selfish c**t’ in foul-mouthed rant about wearing face masks on trains

EXCLUSIVE: Fury as lance corporal will be free to return to the Army in just two years after ending Coldstream Guard’s career with single punch to the head

British soldier ‘expressed joy over New Zealand mosque attack’

Help for Heroes: Jobs at risk at military charity

Royal Navy 4,000-ton warship nearly crashed into fishing boat because officer on look-out couldn’t see where she was going after she closed the curtains

Army’s top tank base is hit by coronavirus outbreak after army wives dubbed ‘the Covid queens’ held illegal Botox party

Shock as Catterick Garrison veteran recovery centre closes

Experts warn of potentially ‘deadly’ great power games in the Arctic

WAR BIRD Super-drones that drop torpedoes and airlift wounded troops ‘will replace British soldiers in future wars’

Drug dealer turned Army sergeant who now guards the Queen urges military to relax rules on convicts joining the forces so they can ‘give back to the country’

Iraq: Improvised explosive device targets British vehicles in Baghdad

Battle of Britain: Tribute To The Female Few

Veterans to be guaranteed an interview

Defence review: UK’s armed forces must be more ‘nimble’ as ‘enemies study Britain’s vulnerabilities’

Battle of Britain: Last Of ‘The Few’ Praises Those Who Helped Defeat Germany

Who Were The Few? The Real Heroes Of The Battle Of Britain

Blind veteran writes cookery book for other visually-impaired people

American military employee, 26, is facing huge fines in Germany after she sparked a COVID cluster in the Alps when she went on a pub crawl while infected

Chinese tech firm has database on 40,000 Brits including Boris Johnson, the Queen and other royals ‘to be used by the country’s spies’

Report published on military experiences of asbestos-related cancer

Dozens of Peterborough families left devastated after MOD tells them to move out of homes

Army could be drafted in to deliver ‘moonshot’ vaccination drive at empty NHS Nightingale hospital sites – as government’s screening advisers say they’ve NOT been consulted

Scandal-hit soldiers who guard the Queen raided by police looking for drugs

Birmingham asks for military assistance as new lockdown rules announced

 ‘Chaos’ as military estate told it has six months to vacate homes

Strength in the skies: Six US B-52s flew over all 30 NATO nations in a single day flanked by around 80 allied planes as US colonel says airforce stands in ‘lock step’ with British counterparts

Cumbria nuclear police officer medal hearing finds gross misconduct

Captain Tom inspects Harrogate’s Army Foundation College graduates

UK leads multi-national task group of warships above the Arctic Circle in demonstration of freedom of navigation

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Joke: Number skills

Interviewer: “It says here on your CV that you’re exceptionally quick at maths?”

Me: “Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am.”

Interviewer: “What’s 14×27?”

Me: “49.”

Interviewer: “That’s not even close.”

Me: “Yeah, but wasn’t I FAST?”

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