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With much of the eyes of the media on the twin joys of the pandemic and the American presidential election, it could be easy to miss some of the little gems that appear on our newsfeeds.
We were particularly moved by the remembrance of Horace "Harry" Billinge, who was one of the soldiers who landed on Gold Beach on 6 June 1944. Just yesterday, his name was placed on a Great Western Railway Intercity Express train and unveiled at a ceremony in the Cornish town of Penzance. We’d really love to see more of our heroes honoured in this way.
On the flip side of this, veterans are begging for us to support the Poppy Appeal this year, at a time when charity donations are plummeting, fundraising events cancelled and workers looking after their furlough pennies. This article shows some of the stories of the veterans who were helped by the Legion. Please do support the appeal if you possibly, possibly can.

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Message from JC
It’s one thing to put your money where your mouth is but I thought I’d do something a little different this year. So, instead of making a donation as usual, I’ve decided to take part in the CEO Sleepout charity fundraiser at Lords Cricket Ground on Oct 26th and raise money for the homeless.
Being homeless is a major problem in 2020 and with a significant number of them being former service personnel, this personal challenge feels like the right thing to do. Every penny counts so if you are able to donate please do so here.
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Lab Manager/Crypto Custodian Greenford £ Competitive

Film Set Medic Bristol & Gwent Valleys £150 per shift

Logistics and Clinical Support Assistant Totnes, Devon £23k + Benefits

Trainee Geo-technical Driller Gloucester based and travelling UK Wide up to £22,800 to start – plus overtime, subsistence, accommodation etc

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News round–up    

Army veteran Major Mick starts 100-mile canal row
Secrets and spies: Behind the doors of the UK's most enigmatic government agency
Fact check: British PM Boris Johnson would not be committing treason by sending troops on to streets in peacetime
TROOPS CHARGED Eight members of the Armed Forces convicted of war crimes since 2000, Ministry of Defence reveals
Military will help distribute Covid-19 vaccine, says Hancock
Falklands flagship HMS Hermes reaches her final destination – a breakers' yard where she will be turned into scrap metal

Dozens Military Personnel And Veterans Run Virtual London Marathon
Former Soldier Jailed After Killing Wife With Kukri
'They just don't want to leave so what can you do?': Marine experts herd pod of five Northern bottlenose whales out of Scottish loch ahead of Europe's largest military exercise – before they swim BACK in again

Significant moments captured in Royal Navy photo competition
How a daring hostage rescue raid helped Britain's elite special operators get their confidence back
Covid-19: South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis calls for military help
'Appalled' Army officer writes furious letter threatening to kick families out of their homes for littering garrison
100 military officers take to streets of Birmingham to test families in Covid hotspots
Long-serving Army sergeant, 44, is court martialed for drunken clash with junior officer who insisted he call him 'sir' at Christmas party
British Army will have a 'more persistent presence' in Asia as forces return to the region after withdrawing in the wake of 9/11, suggests chief
Sexual exploitation and abuse by international peacekeepers: An accompanying report to the ICAI Review of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative September 2020
MOD extends contract for NATO submarine rescue missions
NHS Launches Questionnaire To Improve Support For Forces Families
Hampshire blind veteran grabs first, second and third at annual photography competition
Trump asks military to assess how quickly nuclear weapons could be pulled from storage and loaded onto bombers and submarines should arms control treaty with Russia expire in February 2021
Groundbreaking study into 'Military Sexual Trauma' suffered by men to be carried out in North East
 Russian-born soldier sues MoD over 'spy fears'
British military facing modern-day ‘blitz’ with 60 cyber attacks a day
HMS Collingwood Celebrates 80th Anniversary
Fury over 'Disney-style' D-Day spectacle: Veterans attack the plan for 'immersive' memorial park on the Normandy coast that will include live re-enactments
Argentine president again claims the Falklands before the UN General Assembly

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Joke: Shopping in Rome

An overweight time traveller goes to ancient Rome and realizes he wore historically incorrect clothes for the trip.

Realizing his mistake he visits a toga shop to purchase new clothes. He looks around the shop and realizes they do not have togas big enough to fit him.

He goes to the counter and asks the clerk:

Time traveller: Do you have XL togas?

Clerk: Well, yes. But why do you need so many?

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