Now we are all getting used to working in this challenging situation, many firms are still hiring, and many people are looking for work.  Video interviews are a safe and reliable way to bring the two together, so here are some tips to help you run a smooth and successful video interview:


  • You need to be completely professional. A location with a neutral background helps, as does wearing formal clothes like you would if interviewing at your office.  Organise your workspace with everything you will need, and check all equipment is working.
  • Let all candidates know the technical requirements well in advance. Tell them what to download or set up.  Provide all interviewees with an agenda, so they also have everything necessary readily available.
  • Prepare as usual, making sure everyone involved has necessary documents such as a copy of each interviewee´s CV for each interviewer.
  • If you are working from home, make sure your family know you must not be disturbed. Children, pets and general household noise will distract you and the interviewee, so let them know that you need a little peace and quiet!

During the Interview

  • Start by welcoming the interviewee, thank them for taking the time and effort to attend, and introduce any other interviewers or necessary participants.
  • Behave exactly as you would if the interview was at work. Not everyone is used to online interviews yet, so make them feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing for initial awkwardness.
  • Be understanding if technical problems arise which are not their fault; such issues are always frustrating but can happen to anyone. If you have technical issues yourself, offer the option of extra time or a phone interview instead.
  • If the interview is long, you can agree to a short break; turn your video off and go on mute and advise all participants to do the same. Be back on time, ready to continue.

After the Interview

  • Let them know the result of the interview as soon as possible and explain any delays.
  • Be generous and helpful if anyone asks for feedback. They are genuinely interested.

As always, please get in touch with us if you need help with finding your ideal new member of staff!