Research indicates that many companies are planning to increase their recruitment in 2021 and if this includes you, then the timing is excellent. With employers across multiple industries reducing their headcount due to the Covid crisis, there are now even more excellent and experienced workers to choose from.

It may not surprise you that candidates with a military background are an especially valuable group of jobseekers, with a diverse range of skills and experience, and plenty of enthusiasm.

All branches of the military run training courses throughout the person´s service time.  These courses give ex-military staff valuable transferable skills to use when they return to civilian life. Computing, logistics, working with machinery, and using data are required throughout the forces, so many ex-servicepeople are up-to-date and highly skilled in at least one of these areas, leaving them able to hit the ground running in a number of key roles.

Research shows that employers are now increasingly looking for soft skills too.  The most popular of these reported in recent surveys are problem-solving, communication skills of all kinds, creativity, persuasiveness, collaboration/teamwork, adaptability/flexibility, leadership potential, self-reliance and emotional intelligence.   These are all skills essential to the armed forces and are commonly found in ex-military jobseekers.  The level of commitment and resilience required to complete a tour of duty are also traits every company needs, as are the ability to perform brilliantly under pressure, honesty, loyalty, and dependability.  These are strengths that are honed throughout a military career in a way not found in many other professions.

So, if you’re hiring, or thinking of expanding your team in 2021, why not give us a call and let us source you the person you need from our bank of skilled, dedicated individuals?