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As the government prepares to roll out the first COVID vaccine, just approved yesterday, it’s the Army who will be managing the logistics – as if we needed proof that you guys are the best in that business!
This reliance on the military is interesting, given Boris Johnson’s recent announcement of more funding for Defence – saying “Cuts must end”. We’ll wait to see how this actually plays out, especially with the Defence Secretary himself refusing to rule out freezes on military pay. Where will this budget increase actually go and will any of it at all end up in the pockets of our hard working forces?
And, importantly, what about those who have been left behind for far too long? People like this angry veteran need answers and – above all else – they need support. As we head into the festive season, please do take the time to check in on people if you can, we have to look out for each other.

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Recent vacancies

Trainee Geo-technical Driller Gloucester Base and covering the UK starting at £22,800 plus overtime, subsistence, accommodation etc.

AJT (Advanced Jet Training) Qualified Instructor RAF Valley Excellent Package

Trials Manager Static Trials Southend-on-Sea, Essex Up to £41k + Benefits

Technical Support Engineer Cheltenham £30,000 – £44,000 per year

Introducing Tech Lancaster

Tech Lancaster’s free Electronic Skills Programme is a Fast-Track and GMCA-funded intensive 12-week course in electronics which starts in January 2021 and is beginning to enrol right now!   

The course is mostly done online but – Covid-permitting – practical sessions ("labs") to learn how to work with circuit boards etc will occur in late February or March.  
The course is aimed at everyone who wants to upskill: all ages 19+, all backgrounds, living in Lancashire or Gt Manchester


If you have just some technical know-how (gained, for example, in a previous practical or technical role in any sector, regardless of level), this course will turn your existing skills into real-world, job-ready skills. 
On completing the course, our "graduates" will be guaranteed a real-world job interview.  


We are prioritising applications from ex-military veterans, recent graduates and career changers. Those furloughed or recently made redundant and older applicants are particular encouraged to apply.  


On completing the course, participants will be looking at job roles such as electronics production operatives, electronics technicians and electronics design engineers. For example, an entry level Assembly Operative would be expected to do packing of assemblies, component recognition and box building by hand, then they would move onto soldering components by hand. As they advance, they would become involved in more complicated cable assemblies, eventually moving into more specialised Technician Roles. 
Find out more at https://www.tech-lancaster.org.uk or email Robbie at [email protected] or call us on 01524 881554

News round–up    

Sinn Féin member Brian Stanley apologises over 'insensitive' tweet
The Royal Navy takes charge of guarding Windsor Castle
Britain has second largest military footprint in the world after the US, says research
British Army's Information Warfare Unit will be deployed to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda ahead of jab rollout
Here’s A Creative Way The British Army Could Pack A Punch—Without Tanks
Navy, Army And RAF Personnel Recognised In Latest Operational Honours
Starlings on parade in spectacle near military base
MoD and offshore wind unite to mitigate radar impact
UK Invests £184m In Joint Autonomous Minehunting Programme
Female British Army soldier facing jail and discharge from military
Veterans' substance use has devastating impact on family members
Disabled veterans being let down by benefits system – Royal British Legion
The Amazing Tale Of Bravo November, The British Chinook Helicopter That Refused To Die
Hero special forces dog who charged through a hail of gunfire to take out Al Qaeda sniper and save his handlers in Afghanistan is presented with the animal equivalent of Victoria Cross
Nepali woman becomes captain in British Gurkha Army
Royal Navy Boosts Hurricane Relief Efforts in Honduras
Tanks for nothing: Israeli tank nearly crushes soldier guiding it onto transporter as it accelerates and flips onto its back
MoD campaign urges people to respect military ranges

Troops risk early dementia and psychiatric problems if they suffer heat stroke
Boris Johnson pledges £24.1bn to military to turn UK into 'global naval superpower'
Inside HERMES: The Ground Station Communicating With Space

 Is Your Military Base Closing? Read The Full List Of Sites Shutting
'I'll never forget the look on his face': Police take to twitter to post photos of vulnerable war veteran with no food in his bare house as they reveal they took him a meal of chicken and potatoes
10 winners chosen in International Space Pitch Day

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Joke: Crime Scene

It was a brutal crime and the local constables were stumped, so they called the on the world's greatest detective for help.

Arriving at the scene Sherlock noticed the carpet askew, the victim on the ground, a terrible wound on his head. Next to him, lay a large picture.

He also saw a bowl of almonds, a broken window and a tube of glue, all three hysterical.

"The carpet says the picture is the one. The picture says he didn't do it, but we know he's the culprit; the victims finger prints are all all over it," states Lestrad. "Even so, the almonds, the window AND the glue, insist THEY did it!"

"It's elementary," announces Sherlock. "The RUG did it!"

"The picture needed to be straightened, as the victim adjusted it, the carpet, in a fit of jealousy tripped him causing the heavy picture to hit him on the head, killing him."

"What about the others?" Lestrad asks.

Sherlock continues, "The almonds are nuts, the window is cracked, and the glue is crazy. The rug, Sir, is lying. The picture was framed…"

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