After spending years in the military and looking for your first civilian job, it can be very difficult to know where to start. The good news though is that many people in the military are trained in a vast array of useful skills to a high standard. For someone who’s only used these skills in a military context, it can be eye-opening how useful these skills are in a very wide range of civilian industries.

As a recruitment agency specialised in placing veterans, our consultative approach is aimed at supporting candidates in finding options and understanding how to get the job they want. 

If you are a veteran and you are curious about how our consultants support your job search, find below a few things we do to support you successfully.

We show your that career options are limitless 

We’re able to take the full list of skills you possess and match them with many careers and sectors. Knowing you have a far greater range of choices open to you than you thought, can be a great – yet daunting – feeling. Fortunately, thanks to our experience both in recruitment and the Forces, we have knowledge on specific sectors and companies that really value veterans and what they bring to the table, so you will fit right in. And we are very pleased that the number of such companies is growing all the time.

Ultimately, there is a great demand for many of the specific skills that Ex-Mil candidates learn as part of their training in the forces. We can help you know where to look and how to find the job that best suits you.

We give advice on how to translate your CV into civilian terms

 Many veterans will be used to communicating in the forces with lots of terms and vocab specific to the military. Unfortunately much of this will be unknown to civilians who will hire and work with you, so it will take some adjustment getting used to communicating in the civilian world once again.

The place to start will be with your CV, as this will be the first impression a civilian employer has of you. Employers can see hundreds, maybe even thousands of CVs so it’s imperative that yours is easy to read. Including a lot of military jargon that will go over their head will just work against you.

Our consultants are experts when it comes to doing this and we even have a downloadable guide  that can help you get started.

We support you in the interview process 

Of course, just having a great CV is not enough. You also need to make an impact in the interview stage so of course we have specific means to help you here, too. We cover many aspects, as it is really an interview process, as opposed to just the interview itself.

Often the preparation you do beforehand will set you up for success. This will include the logistics (anything to avoid that black mark of being late), practising potential questions and answers, suitable attire etc.

For the interview itself we want you to make the best first impression you can, so our team is trained to advise on things such as how to present your most positive qualities, the body language you exhibit, and some behaviours or questions to avoid.

This might seem like a lot, but you’ll find you probably already know a lot of this and our advice can serve as a reminder and a confidence boost for what you’re already good at. We aim to cover as many bases as possible so that whatever the gaps are, we have it covered.

And with the pandemic, many interviews or first screenings will have been conducted virtually on a video call. While this did exist before lockdown, there was a huge increase. In our guide, we put together a specific supplementary section on video interviews and how you can come across the best on screen.

However your interview happens, Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd has the guidance for you on how to maximise your potential for success and have an impact, so you can get the job you truly want.  

Ultimately we, at Ex-Mil recruitment, are on a mission to prove to people that veterans can be the best candidates for many businesses and will add extraordinary value. Our best way of doing that is finding the best jobs to suit you, and then help you make the best first impression to get that job offer. After that, the work you do will speak for itself.