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A highly motivated, determined and enthusiastic individual who being extremely honest can be relied upon to work independently or as a team member. Possessing excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to liaise with clients and colleagues at all levels. Mature, open minded and adaptable to change, able to employ own initiative to ensure tasks are completed whilst remaining friendly and approachable. A wealth of knowledge and experience gained in high risk and arduous situations worldwide.

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Example Candidates

Ambitious individual hopeful to find the perfect role. Keen on personal development and teaching Sign Language voluntarily. Extremely adaptable and able to learn IT systems fast. Trained on CRM systems with current[...]

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Committed and dynamic, determined to get the job done, with over 12 years service within the armed forces both UK and abroad, self-disciplined and confident easy to get along with, good communication skills organized[...]

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A highly dedicated and professional Engineering Manager with a proven record of organisational, administrative and planning ability including project management. A knowledgeable engineering technician with 22 years[...]

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Enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team and can be relied upon to work independently without supervision. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively at[...]

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An extremely well-motivated, degree level qualified Professional Engineer - with extensive expertise in Vehicle Workshop Construction, Remote Camp Operations, Fleet Management, HSE Management, Operations Management,[...]

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DV/SC Cleared, ICT Infrastructure Manager with a over ten years proven experience in delivering Analogue and Digital ICT Services to a range of high profile Government Organisations; including, Cabinet Office, Foreign[...]

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