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Major strengths include advanced leadership and capable to effectively delegate and give instructions resulting in corresponding cooperation. Ability to motivate and encourage in a business environment based on innovative thinking and facing up to challenges. Resourceful and flexible to carry out any task with a professional attitude and in an organized manner. Adapt easily to an international environment with high levels of cultural sensitivity. Excellent interpersonal skills with confidence in own abilities and establish strong relations with clients and key personnel.

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Example Candidates

A highly motivated and professional individual who served 22 years completing my service as a senior Logistics manager. Currently working within the oil and gas industry as a Materials controller with 10 years[...]

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• Physically fit and mentally robust
• Calm and level headed with sound judgment skills
• Clear methodical and logical approach to any given situation and a great ability to act or indeed react to any given[...]

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I'm a former Royal Naval officer and company director with experience of managing operations in a high pressure environment. My particular area of specialisation is Navigation and electronic navigation (ECDIS), in[...]

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A hard-working, energetic, resourceful and forward-thinking professional with a firm but fair, approachable attitude. Extensive organisational and motivational skills developed over 23 years service in the British[...]

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LRRP and HUMINT Team Leader exposed to critical issues in diverse cultural environments, it appeared obvious to me business issues I would face were similar as the situations I was facing in the army: decision[...]

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My background includes over three decades of service in the Royal Air Force and Industry with significant experience in:
• Leadership and development of staff both professional and personal.
• Instruction and[...]

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