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I am a committed, hard-working person who enjoys a challenge and always strives for perfection. I work well both independently and as part of a team. I feel I can re-train in any sector and can be a valued team-member.

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Example Candidates

A committed enthusiastic with extensive experience of training practices, coaching and development, applying ‘creative thinking’, to training employing mentoring techniques to people of all abilities. Developed[...]

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I have served in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment for 6 year and have completed a 6 month tour in Iraq in 2007. I enjoy most work and work well under pressure and with various responsibilities. I like practical work but[...]

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I am currently a health and safety professional, trainer and site supervisor within the renewable energy sector (Wind) and additionally the transport sector. Previous experience as a Line manager within the Armed[...]

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A highly skilled and motivated IT professional, with strong communication and organisational skills developed over 25 years as an officer in the Royal Navy. An intelligent, adaptable and practical manager with very[...]

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Versatile, target-driven management professional with transferable skills honed on fast paced private and public sector enterprises around the globe. Imaginative and ambitious, contributed to dynamic teams and thought[...]

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Manager with a passion for people. Experience working in a demanding customer focused environment looking for a new challenge on completion of a full military career.
Capable coach and mentor keen to invest in teams[...]

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