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Example Candidates

Strategy and intelligence leader with a unique blend of government and corporate experience in setting strategies and plans based on meaningful insights derived from analysis derived from behavioural data, market[...]

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A strong, confident and versatile operations and project manager with experience in understanding business needs to facilitate business change. Extensive management experience with emphasis on team building, leading,[...]

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I am a highly accomplished and versatile former British Army Logistics Major with over 30 years experience in MoD Logistics, complex global DC and Depot operations, Field based Logistic Operations and Inventory[...]

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I am an adaptable, versatile and determined professional individual. I have over 12 years of Army experience working with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers as a warehouse manager across the world, under various[...]

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A highly successful, security cleared, business development manager with a strong military and corporate background. Experienced in managing complex sales cycles across a broad customer base both in the UK and[...]

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An experienced, versatile and highly motivated engineering team manager with substantial technical knowledge, predominately in the Aviation sector. Passionate and enthusiastic regarding all aspects of the training[...]

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