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An inspirational, capable and culturally aware leader of multi-faceted teams on a globally linked network of operations; continually adapting to new and innovative business schemes and handling all international projects in a sensitive manner. Having served an extensive 37-year career, demonstrating a hands-on approach to all strategic operations, international affairs, managerial supervision and team development. Skilled at delivering solutions to multiple complex problems across a broad network of military, political and industrial counterparts at senior executive level. Able to drive a consensual approach to fundamental or complex tasks, briefing and presenting on outcomes at all levels and experienced in breaking down barriers in language and the understanding of all-nation policies. A keen eye for detail with a highly analytical and commercial business mind-set, striving to provide strategy planning along with staff and resource management; adapting processes and capabilities to the multi-national market. Proven influencer of key stakeholders, contractors and decision makers in order to provide an astute set of business continuity and change management principles to striving department capabilities. Key Managerial Strengths: -Personnel manager and agile strategic thinker/planner, capable of aligning processes and implementing necessary change management findings in line with guidance from the ISO 9000 series Quality systems. -Execute all resource and financial managerial decisions, taking ownership on relevant activities and accepting accountability for all outcomes. -Spearhead the enhancement to Standard Operating Procedures in order to mitigate risk and streamline processes in line with organisational KPI’s. -Identifies barriers and delivers options utilising continual improvement methodology; improving overall performance and quantifiably improving efficiency. Seeking new opportunities, with the availability to work in early 2014.

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