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I am a US military veteran with 9.5 years of experience in logistics, ordnance, and transportation. I finished my term as an ammunition sergeant. The military gave me a strong sense of discipline and an emphasis on the safety of myself and others. Although I reside in the US, I am willing to relocate abroad.

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A highly experienced Manager and Coordinator for international security and risk management companies with diversification and depth of knowledge achieved in a range of countries and environments worldwide.

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I am a forward thinker, with a can do attitude. Professional and courteous and always impeccably turned out. I will go the extra mile to ensure that all tasks assigned to me are completed on time and to the letter.[...]

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An adaptable; hard-working, versatile equipment manager and highly-competent instructor with 25 years’ experience working in the Ministry of Defence. Extremely knowledgeable, skilled personnel and equipment[...]

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Highly experienced (16 years) and capable engineer seeks new challenges in Oil Rig / Wind Farm industries or anything else that would be an interesting challenge, something out of the ordinary.
• Friendly, reliable[...]

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I am currently supporting the work of a Behavioural Safety Consultancy, through the delivery of training and coaching relating to safe behaviour and cultural change. This is done through the application of[...]

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Instructor/coach in various sports, DofE Supervisor, MOI, First Aid, Volunteer Air Cadet Instructor , Helicopter Pilot, c+e Driver, highly qualified in Close Protection and Security.

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