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A highly dedicated and professional individual with a very successful career within the British Military. Excellent practical and technical skills and accustomed to working in challenging and stressful conditions. A team player and leader with exceptional communication skills and very high personal standards. Honest reliable motivated and able to think outside the box. Loves a challenge.

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Example Candidates

I am a professional, committed and highly motivated Manager with extensive operational experience in the fields of Maintenance, Fleet, Transport, Logistics, Workshop and General Management with a successful British[...]

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A highly motivated and passionate Engineering Manager with a broad range of capabilities and experience gained whilst undertaking a variety of challenging roles over a 21-year career in the Royal Navy. With a proven[...]

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An experienced, motivated and able Customer Services & Contract Manager with a Vehicle Technician, Security & Police background. I have both practical and mechanical skills gained through working with large companies[...]

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Focused. driven and multi-skilled with proven adaptability and many years’ Royal Navy experience as an Electrical Engineer on nuclear submarines. Proven to safely deliver results in challenging and high-pressure[...]

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I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I take my job seriously but I’m able to see things in perspective and believe I’m quite easy-going to work with. I’m an optimist rather[...]

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A commercially astute, pragmatic and performance driven individual possessing a vast and diverse wealth of expertise accumulated over a 26 year military career in areas including, Quality. Governance and Assurance[...]

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