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I joined the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer in 1990 but left in 1999 due to limited promotion opportunities. Since leaving I have been employed in the elevator industry installing, commissioning and maintaining a variety of elevator equipment advancing to the level of Area Service Manager for a Multi National Company

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Current Senior Operations Manager: CP, Surveillance and Canine Search. Former Royal Military Police Captain and Diplomatic close Protection Team Leader. Looking for opportunities in both the UK and Overseas.

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Highly-accomplished, innovative and enthusiastic Programme Manager and Construction Professional with more than 25 years' broad and deep experience of project/programme management, facilities management and significant[...]

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37 year old white male, married for 9 years with one child. Left the British Army in 2010 after serving 12 years. Emigrated to Canada in 2010, gained Canadian citizenship 2016. Gained qualifications in close protection[...]

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An experienced Fuels Manager / Facilities Manager with a proven track record of global success developed through a highly successful civilian and armed forces career. Providing high-level strategic planning and[...]

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A highly motivated, dedicated and professional close protection operative and security manager. An effective communicator and organizer, with a keen eye for detail and planning. Adaptable and logical, used to working[...]

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I'm leaving the Royal Navy in the near future and want to use the skills I've developed in my time serving to put me in the best position possible for re-entering civilian life. I enjoy working with large amounts of[...]

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