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I am a highly motivated and adaptable person. I value working as part of a team or I can work on my own without supervision. I am a quick learner and I work with a flexible approach. I am confident working in a challenging and demanding environment and I work with a high level of enthusiasm with excellent organisational and planning skills. I have strong team management experience and I strive on good customer service. I have experience working with a diverse range of people.

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Example Candidates

I am a conscientious, hardworking and enthusiastic individual with a wide variety of engineering experience gained while employed in the Television Broadcast, Communications and Aerospace Industry. I am punctual,[...]

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An accomplished and highly commercially astute General Manager, with expertise gained in developing and challenging environments. In possession of a rare and valuable portfolio of skills and capabilities. A strong[...]

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I completed 22 years as a Mechanical Engineer working up through the military rank system whilst working in worldwide locations and finished my military career as a Staff Sergeant, during this time I worked as an[...]

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I am high performing and extremely driven professional currently seeking project management opportunities following a successful 13-year career with the British Armed Forces. With extensive experience across UK[...]

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Ambitious individual hopeful to find the perfect role. Keen on personal development and teaching Sign Language voluntarily. Extremely adaptable and able to learn IT systems fast. Trained on CRM systems with current[...]

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A highly motivated and driven individual with proven project and people management skills who demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. A detailed security driven and observationally aware team player who relishes[...]

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