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I am a young fit and healthy person, who is genuinely happy about life itself. I enjoy working on my car in my spare time, traveling and meeting new people. I like to make my life revolve around work and not the other way round, just looking for the next step into a new career. Currently have track vehicle licence, city and guilds in electro technical technology and NVQ Engineering practices .

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Ex Royal Signals, Ex B.T. Cat 5, 6 Fibre SM MM, Coaxial, Jointing (Copper, Fibre), Networks, Telephony, Rigging, Testing.
An experienced telecoms/data/broadcast engineer with exceptional communication, management[...]

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Trustworthy, loyal, willing to go the extra mile, with a can do attitude, very able to work within a team or alone achieving excellent results

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A newly qualified Health and Safety advisor concluding a successful career spanning over nine years in the Armed Forces and now looking for an opportunity to work within a new organisation.
A bright, motivated and[...]

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Having served 11 years in the Royal Signals and gained a multitude of skills in communications technology and leadership and management I have been working within the financial services industry in various project[...]

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I am a highly skilled multi-lingual security professional with a proven track record of project management, excellent leadership and pedagogy skills. Having worked in a freelance capacity for over 13 years, both[...]

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I'm hard working always up for learning new skills and taking on new challenges. I enjoy working as part of a team as well as working as an individual using my own initiative to get the job done. When it comes to[...]

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