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I am the Head HR & Payroll Administration Director with over 27 years experience of directing and delivering efficient personnel administration services within a fast-paced, customer-focused environment. In my current role with the Ministry of Defence, I lead a team of Senior HR and payroll managers and administrators supporting up to 2500 employees at a high profile military training base. A specialist in financial and budgetary management, ensuring our £1.8m monthly payroll is delivered in compliance with HMRC and National Audit Office procedures and statutory legislation; I am heavily involved in briefing of complex pay, allowances, expenses and benefits issues for the Establishment and 2* Star visitors (Board Level Members) level. In addition, I act as the focal point for all HR processes having managed disciplinary, harassment and bullying caseloads. I oversee the processing of tax and National Insurance documentation and submission of Year End payroll returns, audit up to 12 Imprest accounts worth in excess of £10m and authorise £1.1m of expenses payments per year. Whilst forecasting and controlling budgets of up to £150m, I have also made significant cost savings through departmental restructures and a review of contracted services. Instrumental in improving customer service levels, I implemented a customer satisfaction survey, resulting in the delivery of a staff re-training programme to increase skills. My key skills and areas of expertise include: • Strategic Leadership & Management • HR Administration • HR Processes & Procedures • Payroll Management • HMRC/NAO Compliance • Resource Planning • Budgets & Financial Management • Accounting, Auditing & Reconciliations • Systems/Database Management • Information Management • Training Delivery (3000+ hours) • Analysis & Problem Solving • Communicating & Influencing • Report Writing • Record Keeping • Microsoft Office/Access/Software

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