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Over a period of thirty years I have built up significant specialist and generalist experience in finance, people and projects. This experience has been gained throughout a highly successful career in the British Army culminating in my current appointment as a Commissioned Officer holding the rank of Major within a complex, cross-functional program and projects team. I am leaving the military of my own volition having settled my family in Gosport and now seek a new challenge. I am particularly interested in the education and charities sectors. I have viewed my vocation as work in the service of others and I am keen to now join an organisation which has a similar theme and outlook. Throughout my military career I have particularly enjoyed and embraced those opportunities that exist to influence people; I am energetic, personable and with high moral standards. I have extensive experience of leading, training and managing diverse teams within the human resources, financial management, training and projects fields. This diverse experience has been gained working in a myriad of challenging environments both at home and overseas and includes: • Managing a large number of public, non-public and charitable funds including responsibility for the governance, forecasting, investment and audit of funds in accordance with the National Audit Office and Charities Commission regulatory procedures. • Organising and leading social and fundraising events within the military and civilian community for 100 to 5000 people. • Planning and managing complex, multi-stakeholder infrastructure, organisational, finance and people change projects • Leading the finances, HR, people policy, personnel reporting and administration of organisations of 900+ personnel. • Leading the learning, development and administration of organisational training for 300 personnel a year, including presenting to large diverse groups. I am calm, measured, and have credibility within my field and a reputation for inspirational leadership, personal integrity and success. I have personally championed the continued need to nurture collaborative organisational and partnering relationships based upon common values, standards, mutual respect and personal example. I am self-aware and possess the emotional intelligence and social experience to inspire, enthuse and motivate a wide range of people from different social and economic backgrounds, ages, nationalities and beliefs.

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