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A professional and versatile multi-skilled engineer, with experience in the management of personnel, obtained within the demanding environment of the Royal Marines (RM). Enthusiastic, motivated and accustomed to working to tight deadlines and meeting set targets, achieved as a result of thorough planning and preparation. A natural leader and accomplished team player, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, enhanced through regularly briefing high ranking officers, seniors and peers alike. Experienced in training, motivating and organising staff and possessing well developed IT and presentational skills. Although the RM has given me an amazing and hugely rewarding career, unfortunately all possible jobs within the RM are situated further from home than I would currently like and require me to be away Monday - Friday. I am now at a point in my life where my circumstances have changed and I no longer wish to spend extended periods away from home on a regular basis. As a result of this I have made the tough decision to turn down a promotion and I am now looking to use my potential to its maximum effect outside of the military in a commercial/civilian setting and begin a second career. I am looking for employment in Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk area however, I would be willing to commute 20-30 miles for the right job/package. I am very keen to obtain, preferably, a bachelor's degree or an equivalent level qualification, and if possible advance these qualifications further in the future. I have at my disposal a sum of money to retrain as part of my resettlement package from the military and could use that toward specific qualifications to gain employment.

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