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An enthusiastic and hardworking professional with several years Mid to Senior Operations and Fleet Management, Customer Service and Administration experience with excellent people management skills looking for a challenging role to develop and enhance these existing skills.

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Example Candidates

An educationally qualified fully SIA licensed security manager with a proven track record of extreme security and Military operations both within the private sector and 23 honoured yours service in the British[...]

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A passionate, driven and motivated logistics specialist, who has excellent organisational skills, is highly efficient and has a good eye for detail. Has extensive experience of working in high pressured situations as[...]

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An adaptable; hard-working, versatile equipment manager and highly-competent instructor with 25 years’ experience working in the Ministry of Defence. Extremely knowledgeable, skilled personnel and equipment[...]

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Highly skilled, pragmatic, resourceful and dedicated Project Manager whose professional knowledge in personnel management, comprehensive design planning, and implementation of strategic security programs has provided[...]

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I have spent a few years of my life working in a security environment. Although I have aimed my training at security driving roles I’m still fully trained and experienced in all kinds of CP work. I'm a confident and[...]

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A highly versatile and resourceful individual, with transferable skills acquired in high pressure operations around the world. Always calm, flexible and responsive when under pressure, with an analytical thought[...]

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