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I am a highly motivated Senior Manager with international experience and a sustained record of success in HM Armed Forces. Extensive background in training, coaching and mentoring, managing complex training projects to achieve operational objectives and meet critical deadlines. An inspirational leader and well-respected team player, who through a “hands on” approach, creates effective strategies to translate action into results. Strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a passion for making a difference, together with excellent communication skills. Now seeking a challenging new role with a progressive organisation. I am a successful, delivery-focussed Senior Business Consultant / Program Manager, looking for a challenging role in which I can use my proven skills in analytical thinking, impactful communication and team support. After a 24-year career in HM Armed Forces I have varied and transferable experience in designing and delivering training programmes and managing complex and often ambiguous projects to a successful conclusion that meet, and often exceed, expectations. I have rigorously applied planning policy and process and ensuring demands comply with published deadlines. Frequently my job involves negotiating and managing short-notice changes to resource allocations that are not always popular. For this I am required to liaise both with external units and with those more senior to myself; a task in which I am both robust and effective. I consistently deliver high quality instruction in all aspects of training. I am highly motivated and self-disciplined, set high standards, I am extremely efficient and effectively manage a heavy workload in order to achieve individual and organisational objectives. I have an aptitude for learning which enables me to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges; and have a special aptitude to technical matters and technology. I am an excellent communicator with highly effective written skills and attention to detail. Of my many qualities, my ability to brief and advise higher commanders is particularly impressive. I maintain excellent communication with line management and sub units which inspires trust and confidence. I am highly regarded by both my peer group and those more senior to myself, whilst inspiring loyalty, respect and excellent standards in my juniors. I am a skilful negotiator, effectively liaising above my role in order to successfully implement changes, even when those changes are not popular. I am flexible and diplomatic in handling of difficult issues but prepared to stand my ground where necessary and determined in my enforcement of consistently high standards. Throughout my career I have continually exceeded expectations giving outstanding service to the Army and now civilian employment roles. After 24 years and an unblemished military service in the Army I bring a varied skill set applicable to any challenging and exciting role.

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