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A highly competent and self-motivated aerospace systems engineer and quality manager who is enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving required goals with pragmatic, timely and innovative solutions with a wholly holistic approach to management, leadership and engineering. Proven successes in Aerospace Quality Assurance and Management, Continuous Improvement and LEAN Methodologies, Safety Management, Configuration Control, Independent Airworthiness and Risk Validation, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management; Engineering Maintenance; Mentoring, Coaching and Instructing. A dynamic defence engineering career spanning 34years of managerial, supervisory and hands-on engineering maintenance combined with continual quality assurance activity, IT management, safety management, leadership, man-management, instructional & coaching, budgeting and administration.

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Fit , motivated , team player ,very experienced with Security in Iraq and UK. Available to work now

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I am a young fit and healthy person, who is genuinely happy about life itself. I enjoy working on my car in my spare time, traveling and meeting new people. I like to make my life revolve around work and not the other[...]

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A highly capable, ambitious and award-winning operations manager and human resources professional with a track record of delivering repeated success in the most challenging circumstances, developed during a 32-year[...]

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Any job that offers me the ability to plan or implement projects that have a tangible effect which requires a creative and analytical problem-solving mind will interest me.
I am an Engineering graduate with 7 years[...]

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Ambitious and dedicated Project Manager with global programme management experience, bringing a real diverse range of enhanced skills and abilities to any given sector role.

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I am a hard worker, team player, trustworthy, reliable, flexible, dedicated, committed and always I do the job to best of my ability.
I have done roles above my pay scale in my military career from managing fleet to[...]

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